Monday, January 31, 2011

Envelopes of Love

                                      Envelopes of Love                                                            

From where my passion for paper started………………

My passion for paper started wen I started working as a volunteer designer with a handicapped n blind girls institute.amazingly these girls r really talented.i started with designing envelopes.the blind cud’nt do muchL..but girls with partial vision did grt jobs.i was careful to keep my designing simple.
Most of the paper we used was handmade,got the envelopes done from a local guy….n then started dressing them!popularly they r called’lifaafa’…or ‘cover’ to b given away on weddings,birthdays n any small or big occasion.
some of the designs that we did.......

the shimmer collection.....

                                  envelopes made of fabric..cud'nt b done by the girls so my law helped...                                            


We used shimmer paper n fine gorget fabric…..cane has been used for stick which is covered  with a shimmery tape.the ends can b adorned with blings or beads.    


the smaller envelopes ....
                               fixed with a mini envelope....


Transperancy has been cut n formed into a tube which is adorned by ‘titanic ribbon’….
A small hole has been punched at one corner for tieing some jingles
U r currency has to b rolled n then inserted!!                                                                  

some envelopes from japan.....

some of my favourite ones.....


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  1. Nice indeed...!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR PAGE !! Best wishes..hope to see lots of your creative skills here .. :-)

  3. Hi Vaishali,
    you are SOOO creative.I would love to wrap myself in one of these beautiful envelopes{specially the Shimmer kind scroll} and surprise my husband in bed!!!all love ....from a canadian fan

  4. thnx @ekta
    @canadian fan....wud love to send u the shimmer scroll :))

  5. :))...this is for the first one to visit my page..thnx

  6. beautiful and colorful blog! Just like you !

  7. Love the envelopes from Japan and the last ones too... !!

  8. Such a wonderful blog...Love the blog header and hats off to your creativity...!!

  9. first time to your blog...superb creativity

  10. Pretty gorgeous creations.