Chocolate Hearts

Segment 2

Chocolate almond candy
Strawberry cream hearts
Strawberry melon frapp’e

Now that we r done with packing n tagging the next on the mind is some kind of chocolate……how abt something crunchier??? candy??.........chocolate almond candy....
On my first visit to Japan I was hooked on to cookery shows on telly.language was a big cud’nt get the exact proportions…but never mind  the trials n errors gave me the recipes….the chocolate almond candy is a variation of one such recipe.

¾ cup sugar
¾ cup cooking chocolate
¼ cup finely chopped almonds

Melt the sugar.

Break the chocolate to smaller pieces n add to the sugar.
Let it melt.

Add almonds.

Pour into moulds.

De mould…..n wrap them up.
 U cud use the nuts of u r choice but they shud b crushed or finely chopped.

Strawberry melon frappé....

Simply blend the fruits with some lime n crushed ice.

Want to make it a little fizzy..add a bit of ENO!!
Garnish with lemon or a melon ball..n ya don’t forget to deseed the melon.
N now its our dessert…..

Strawberry cream hearts

Cut the bread with a heart shaped cookie cutter
Bake till golden brown

Strawberry syrup….
1 cup sugar
½ cup water
2 cups strawberries

Crush the strawberries.
Cook with sugar n water(one thread consistency).
Dip the bread in this syrup.
Cover the hearts with sweetened whipped cream.
Garnish with hearts cut out frm strawberries.

(the strawberry syrup can also b made frm ready strawberry crush..dilute it n cook for a few secs).

All put together for u r valentine……

…or is it my valentine

A very happy valentine’s day!!

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