Hearts for your Sweet Heart

With valentine’s Day just around the corner u r probably thinking how to make an impression on that SPECIAL person in u r life.It’s u r chance to express u r feelings in u r creative fashion.personalize this valentine not only with chocolates n desserts but with packing the gift n making u r own tags!

I have used Hearts,the most beautiful symbol of love ,using red colour as the theme base.

Segment 1


Wrap the box in red handmade paper using contrasting corrugated paper to highlight.
To make the ribbon simply tear the paper n wrap it around a pencil,this will give it a swirl.

Glue smaller hearts on a satay stick n glue on one side of the gift.

A big punched heart pierced with an arrow(made frm satay stick) n a dainty red heart r glued to make a tag.
Cut small hearts in gold …stick them randomly on the red paper.


Heart shaped punches in different sizes make beautiful tags.peirced with pins…dressed with beads n shimmer net these tags have been made from old wedding cards.so just don’t throw any kind of cards they can b recycled…..in many ways, tags is just one of the options!

Segment 2…..to follow….