Saturday, March 5, 2011

Crepe Paper Roses

Crepe Paper Roses

You can make roses with just about anything…paper,ribbon ,fabric ,wool,sponge….the options r so many...
Here r some crepe paper roses which r very simple ,yet pretty.

Start with a strip of crepe paper.The length and the width is totally your choice. For bigger flowers use a broad  and long strip but for something small and dainty you will need a thin and small strip.

Start by rolling a tight centre, roll it a couple of times.

Now just keep twisting and turning the strip till u reach the end .
Glue the ends.

For a shimmery look use glitter,I have used the natural glitter this blends with any colour..
Since we don’t get pastel coloured crepe paper I have dyed the paper with diluted waterproof inks.
You must wait for the paper to dry as it is very fragile.If u r in a rush use your hair dryer,it will dry in a jiffy.
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  1. wow...these flowers look beautiful...
    can v make dem from silk?

  2. These roses r really very pretty and easy..cant wait to make them now itself ;-) bye....

  3. thnx @juhi...yes we can make them with silk n tissue v soon I will put them up too....

    @ekta..thnx and all the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lovely roses..The dyeing effect looks so natural...!!

  5. i will try these very soon...superb pics..

  6. Lovely craft.Those roses are looking so real.How about using these lovely flowers in decorations of the next party? I am sure kids and their parents would love it.