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BM # 4  Day 1
The first day of the Blogging Marathon...for me the first time to partcipate.Thnx to  Srivalli....for hosting such a wonderful event.Hope u all like my recipes.......
The Indian desi gulab is a very fragnant rose variety.The petals retain their delicate fragrance even after drying,which makes it ideal to use for syrups and Indian sweets.
U get the dried petals in the market but somehow I prefer to dry them myself.It’s actually very simple…..get the roses,pull out the petals…make sure to discard all the extras…wipe with a damp cloth…….n spread them on a clean sheet in a corner .plz make sure no fan no sunlight!!u can forget looking at them for three days…n on the fourth day…just store them!!...yes it only takes max 4 days for this.
Coming to ‘jannate-e-gulab’…a very soothing, cooling n refreshing drink very simple to make ,with no preservatives….no added colour…..the pastel pink water with the aroma of cardamom n rose………..infact  gives u the ‘jannat’ feeling J..!

1cup……………..rose petals
½ tsp…………….cardamom pwd
5gms…………….citric acid
Dissolve sugar in water.Add citric acid.Boil for 10 minutes.
Add cardamom and rose petals.

Leave over night.Bottle it up.
You can add red food color to make it look bright. 

Isn't it jannat..!!JEnjoy the drink n i will c u all tom.....

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  1. Love this royal drink... totally refreshing!!

  2. Looks awesome!..great to have you doing the marathon with us..

  3. this looks like roohafza ! totally refreshing,
    thanx for dropping by Vaishali,
    hope to see some fabulous entrees for the evnt : summer coolers

  4. I can just feel the fragrance and coolness in the drink, looks fantastic.

  5. Hi, the preparation looks very tempting: thanks to the great photographs.
    There's something about the rose: it soothes the eye!
    the word 'jannat' is truly apt for the king of flowers.

  6. first time on your blog, Vaishali nice to have met you through this marathon :)
    I am sure it came out smelling like roses ;))! Looks really aromatic - the fragrance is almost wafting to my nostrils through your lovely pics :)

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  8. looks amazingly mouthwatering..tempting n yummy drink...
    First time here..u hv a wonderful space..visit mine as time permits..

  9. Wow.. that is one fragrant and amazing drink. Perfect for those dry summer days.

  10. Thats sooo marvellous and interesting drink..

  11. Looks so refreshing and I can imagine the aroma of rose and elaichi in the drink..

  12. That's a fabulous drink you have there dear!

  13. thank you for sharing this fabulous aromatic drink
    looks delicious

  14. this looks extremely good! I want to make some!or one of theses days.