Mrs. & Mr. Beanie

My little grandchildren are coming for a holiday to naani’s house,so decided to make something that they could enjoy playing with.Mrs. & Mr.Beanie….yes! this is wat I have named them.
This is a simple project which is done in 15 minutes and is recycled from old socks.

Make sure the socks are clean and washed.

Here is what you need…..
Old socks
Beans (moong,raajma…anything could do)
Scraps of wool
Fabric colors
Fabric glue or glue gun
Accessories (ribbons,flowers wire)

How to go about……
Fill the socks with beans.(in case of knee length socks snip off the socks about 1’’ after tying)
Tie just after u have finished filling till the ankle.
Make the hair with scraps of wool.
Paint the facial features.
Adorn the way u like.
I have moulded a wire to make Mr.Beanie’s glasses.and put two little sequence flowers to adorn Mrs.Beanie’s pigtails.

Mrs.& Mr. Beanie both sit side by side having a cool romantic evening!