Saturday, May 28, 2011

Badaami Seyal Bhe'

BM # 5  Day 6
Lotus Stem,Bhe’, Kamal Kakdi, Nadru are the various names to this unique root.This is the root of Lotus flower.Is this edible? Yes,sure it is.Infact its seeds are also edible.You could check about this on Wikipedia.Here is a link.
The initial appearance might not be very pleasing but once you chop this….my..what a beauty!!I  simply love its texture and the design format. Children could do some beautiful block printing too.

Buying and cleaning tips……
While buying this root  you should make sure that both the ends are sealed.
After peeling and chopping the ends,cut either straight or diagnol or slices.this depends on the recipe.
After cutting if you observe any mud in these holes remove it by immersing in water for a while and then use a toothpick and pass through the holes where you see mud.W ash till no traces of mud are found.

Now you are ready to cook them.

10-12 pieces…….lotus stem chopped 2’’long and boiled with salt

Coarsely ground paste
20-25……………almonds ,soaked and peeled
1bunch ……..….corriander leaves
2-3 ………………green chilly
¼ in ………….....ginger
¼ tsp…………...dhaniya jeera pwd
Salt to taste

 600gms……………chopped onions
5-6………………..…roughly chopped /pureed tomatoes
1/4tsp …………...…dhaniya jeera pwd
1/4tsp …………… chilly pwd
¼ tsp ......................  turmeric pwd
¼ tsp …………...….garam masala
Salt to taste

After cleaning  boil the lotus stem in a pressure cooker with salt and ¼ tsp oil.
2-4 whistles should be enough,but still check once the pressure drops.
Remove in  a colander.Let cool.
 Make a slit in the center.
Stuff them with prepared paste.
Keep aside.
Sauté onions for 2-4 minutes.
Place the stuffed Bhe’ on these onions.
Sprinkle the spices.
Cook on slow you need to cover the pan with a thali .Pour some water in the thaali.(this will ensure slow cooking without burning).
When you feel the onions are nearly cooked add tomato puree.again cover with the same thaali(the water will might need to pour some more).
This should be done in about 15 mins in all.

Check!!..if you feel the onions are dry then you might need to add little water.
Stir gently and keep the flame full till the oil leaves the sides.

Since I love crafting I just did a quick block printing with a diagonally cut Bhe’ metallic color n the leaves and ferns with some crayons!!

Also I managed to get some of the Lotus Flower Seeds…I know they are not very fresh ..but this is all I could can see this looks something like the gardener’s. watering can…and these little pods inside u snap them open and find this little creamy buttery nut.looks cute …the taste is rather bland…we call this Pabudi…normally they call it by the name lotus nuts or seeds.If you  want to read more on this is a link!

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