Duplex Paper Flower Card

 With the ICRS challenges I  am getting back my hands on cards,which I gave up long ago.This particular challenge is based on a photo inspiration.Since I am a nature lover I picked up flowers and butterflies.
I used white cardstock for the card, pastel pink textured paper highlighting it.I edged this with brightly striped paper which I downloaded from a backing paper site.For embllishments I used tiny pearls, butterflies, some dainty gold flowers and a silver sheened organza ribbon.oh yes..coming to the second part of the challenge hand made embllishment….”duplex paper flower centred with a pearl”.

A little about crepe paper.This is a very delicate paper and we get two varieties in this..
1*simplex paper
2*duplex paper
The simplex is the one sided color paper ,while the duplex has two papers laminated together, and  two colors ..one on each side!
duplex paper
Keep it under running water and let the color run for a while.
Gently sueeze the paper.
Let dry.(patience required!!)(a dryer is a good option)Cut a strip.
Cut a strip.Apply fevicol on half of it.
Fold the other half on it.
Cut the petals of the required shape.
Twist them .
Leave them for a while .
Open!!!..you will have some pretty petals.
Some of the shaded papers
Arrange them as you want.
oh ! but how could I miss the photo which inspired me do make this card!
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