Faalsa Sharbat

BM # 5 Day 6
Faalsa is a tiny purple colored fruit.This is sour and a little sweet,with a seed which on chewing gives that crunch.....A fruit which is available only in summers and that too for a very short time.I can see the Faalsa on my tree,but they are not ripe as yet.....so I had to buy them from the market for this sharbat.
what you need....
3/4 cup......sugar
Black salt to taste
Roasted cuminseed pwd
Water as per juice consistency.

how to go about......
Blend all in a mixer .
You can either chill it in the frig for a few hours else use ice but make sure the sharbat does not become very watery.Also you can prepare a concentrate by adding sugar to faalsa and blending and staining .While straining you could use little water to remove the pulp.Fill your ice trays and store cubes of this for the time when the fruit is not available.

This is a amazing thirst quencher and  Excellent digestive!!
Flowers  of Faalsa tree........ are'nt they gorgeous!!

This is the tree in my garden which is bearing the fruit,but not ripe as yet.

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