Monday, May 16, 2011

Honey Dew

BM # 5  Day 1
First day of the second group of BM # 5 ,I n this series we will take a chill pill!!
Before I start this series of summer coolers there are a few things that we ought to remember while making these......

*Try using seasonal fruits for best flavors.
*These coolers taste best when served 'chilled'.You must chill your juices,fruits,sodas,water....and even your glass .
*While adding ice to the blender please crush it to avoid damaging the blades.
*Serve right away.

Now coming to Honey Dew......
Honeydew melon is a variety of musk melons considered sweetest of alls.They are very high in sugar,but low in sodium.enriched with vitamin C and pottassium.Blending it with Honey,the natural texture of this fruit lends itself to this delicate smoothie.

what you need....

how to go about.....
Cut the melon into two halves.
Scoop out the pieces reserving the shell for serving.
Process the scooped pieces in a blender with honey and sparkling water till smooth.

serving style.....
Serve the smoothie in the chilled melon shell.

Garnish with brown sugar and pierced melon balls on  a satay stick.

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  1. Hey love the presentation. And also the cute melon scooped out :)

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  3. that's a quick, simple and healthy thirst quencher..

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  7. wow, that is an excellent idea, love your presentation :)

  8. Looks so refreshing.Like Srivalli, I too never knew there were so many events with the same theme..

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  11. congrats vaishali for winning the coolers and mocktail event ...
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