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BM # 5   Day 1

The first day of the Blogging Marathon and my sincere thanks to Srivalli....thanks a ton!
In this under 15 minutes breakfast series I will try to post recipes belonging to different cuisines.I hope you shall enjoy this series.
A traditional Sindhi breakfast,which is relished by all,from little children to the elderly generation.It's a filling breakfast and you can easily get away with a light lunch after this breakfast.
There are two variations of a Koki.The first one is the Kare mirch waree Koki (one with black pepper) and the other is Masala Koki.
Koki is nothing but a crispier ,heavier version of paratha.It has a shelf life of two days and is normally packed for long journeys.I t is served with either curds or Sindhi Aaloo and papad.(papad is a must in sindhi homes) and yes many relish it with Chai!!..yes you are right..tea!!its like having a biscuit along with tea… is the recipe...(..the Sindhi Aaloo recipe will come up in my future posts.)

Black pepper koki

1cup…….wheat flour
2tbsp……oil / ghee
¼ tsp……black pepper
Salt to taste

Masala koki
1 cup……wheat flour
2tbsp……oil / ghee
1………..small onion finely chopped
1……… chilly finely chopped
¼ tsp……anardana slightly crushed(optional)
Coriander leaves
Mint leaves
Salt to taste

Take the flour in a bowl.
Make a well in the centre.
Sprinkle salt and pepper.
Pour oil / ghee.
Mix well with hands till the flour resembles crumbs.
Adding little water knead into a stiff dough.
Make two balls.
Roll into a thick chapatti.(do not use any flour for dusting)
Put criss cross lines with a knife.(make sure you don’t go deep to cut it off!)
Roast on slow flame ,smearing it with ghee on both sides till nice and crisp and a golden color.

Masala koki is made in the similar manner only difference being pepper is omitted and this requires a little less water due to the onions.
The criss cross is to ensure cooking deep inside as these are rolled thick.

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    Healthy breakfast under 15 min

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