Tuesday, May 10, 2011


B M # 5   Day 2
Theplees come from a Gujrati kitchen.These are mini steamed pancakes which are normally made with fresh fenugreek,but can also be made with dried one .If methi is not available you could put some ajwain (carom seeds).It takes a while to do the Theplees when you make them for the first time but once you get the hang of it …it’s actually quite quick.

1cup……….wheat flour
1…………..green chilly finely chopped
¼ cup ……..methi
Pinch………turmeric pwd
Salt to taste

Wash and chop methi roughly.
Sprinkle salt and leave it for a few minutes.
Squeeze out the water.
Mix all the ingredients and bind into a semi soft dough.
Make tiny balls and flatten them pressing with fingers.
Steam.(5-7 mins)
Serve steaming hot with methia masala  and cooking oil.
(in a small bowl put methia masala pour cooking oil on it ). 

These are absolutely dry so the Gujjus dip these Theplees in this masala oil and relish!
Just like a sauce.

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  1. Sounds interesting! I am sure this is a healthy breakfast with the steaming process!!

  2. love this Vaishali :-) and thank you for sendinf this to my event (fenugreek) ! But I think you have forgotten to 'mail' me your entry. Please do so, when you have the time :) and happy to run this marathon along with you :)

  3. This is a different dish...I had not heard of this before,But will definetly give a try...and @momchef,i am planning to send you a fenugreek dish for your event...Will send soon..

  4. Those are so cute, I am loving the name itself "theplee", like a mini thepla, love the fact that they are steamed :)

  5. Quite a different and wonderful looking mini thelpees, fabulous they are, love those cute looking steamed mini theplees..

  6. Yummy! Are theplas different from theplee? Thepla recipes I have seen on the blogs are rolled out similar to rotis and fried on a griddle.

  7. Healthy breakfast. New recipe to me.
    Looks so cute

    South Indian Home

  8. Looks very appetizing!! I had never heard to Theplis. Only Thelpas :)

  9. They look awesome. Something my son would love. So would I. Yummy!

  10. ah this looks very interesting. New to me

  11. At first, I thought that you were talking about theplas. Very interesting. I must check with my Gujju neighbors.