Friday, June 24, 2011

Chole Kulche Roll

BM # 6 Day 2
If you are fmiliar with Delhi street food you must be aware of those mouthwatering Chole-Kulche.Kulchas are a basic white bread baked,soft to the core and makes a good substitute for a roti.These are normally served with two types of cholas.The cycle wale chole and the pateele wale chole.I am sure you guys must be wondering what is cycle wale...well the vendor ties a teen(a metal container) ka dabba behind his cycle ..and goes around selling cholas...but more on that later....coming to today’s recipe pateele wale chole.These are white peas soaked and cooked till mushy......served from a big brass pot and hence the name pateele.....  garnished with spices ,onions,made a little tangy......n  served with kulcha.
I have taken the same chole kulche and transformed them into a roll to suit our theme of Picnic Foods.

Here goes the recipe....
2cups......boiled white peas
1...............onion finely chopped
1.............. boiled potato finely chopped(optional)
1...............tomato finely chopped(optional) chillies finely chopped
Ginger  julline cut
Corriander  leaves
Black chaat masala(or any other chaat masala)
Black salt
Red chilly pwd
Tamarind juice
Lemon juice
Soak the peas for 3-4 hours.
Pressure cook with salt for two whistles or till done.(be careful! This does not require too much cooking)
Drain off the excess water if any.(use it for your daals or gravy)
Add all the ingredients according to your taste...make sure this is not too bland as the kulchas are absolutely bland.

4 kulchas / roti
These are readymade bought from any local bakery shop.
Roll the kulchas with a rolling pin ,making the bread thin.

Place some cholas in the centre.
Roll up the kulcha.
Pack in a cling film. 

original kulchas
rolled kulchas...check the thickness

This is the picture of the vendor who is selling Pateele wale chole...check out the big brass pot..
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  1. this looks delicious following your yummy site

  2. Looks delicious & new recipe to me:)

  3. Kulche rolls look delicious!

  4. Loved reading about the various cholas and looking forward to the cycle wala chola :-)
    Chole kulche roll is completely new to me, but looks absolutely delicious and filling. Will have to try this soon.

  5. Awesome rolls.They can win you at any time !

  6. Loved the use of kulcha breads for rolls...

  7. Chole kulcha rolls simply filling and yummy, seriously feel like having them rite now..

  8. Loved this one...I am a big fan of Delhi food! :)

  9. Nice post. Looks so yum and I am hungry now.

  10. Wow, that is new for me, I love chhole and I love Kulcha, so a combo is definitely welcome and looks delicious :)

  11. Your Post made me nostalgic. I am a big fan of Delhi street food. chole baturai, rajma chaval, , alu chaat, shkarkand chat, chola tikki, Radish salad, parnatha vaali gali, falooda ice cream ,lemon soda etc etc. My heart goes mmmmmm mmmmm.

  12. Thanks every body .Glad you all liked this version of Chole Kulche...and Anjali and Degchi...nothing to beat Delhi food....yeh Dilli hai mere yaar:))

  13. This is a very innovative and gorgeous dish! Where does one find that large buns?? Can we use soft Pavs?? Just curious!

  14. Nalini these are kulchas available at most indian bakerys..since you are in U S..I cant say...but sure they will taste equally good with pav..scoop the pav and stuff the cholas...other option is jumbo bread..which can be rolled a bit,like we do for pinwheels..stuff the chola and can even roll them in a roti:))

  15. That looks like an authentic recipe. looks yummy!

  16. Very new dish to me. Glad to learn about new dishes from you.

  17. I must say this is very new to me too..what a idea. There is no end to the innovation of street food..

  18. Pateela walle chole is the food I miss most in blore... rest of the street food u get in some form or the other but this u dont get at all :(

    and I love eating it like a sandwich too,...

  19. Finally I got it what i was looking for..very very delicious.Thanks a lot.just a quick question if we add the raw ginger julline will it affect the taste..Thanks again :)

  20. Namita ginger has a peculiar taste,specially raw ginger,if you like the flavor ..add it by all means..but if not the taste of cholas will remain the same.Since cholas are gassy..the idea of ginger is great and actually authentic cholas have these jullines,but the choice is totally yours:)

  21. Thanks Vaishali..I will definitely add ginger as i want the authentic taste :)

  22. wow i love dis reciepe. . :)
    yum yum yummy

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