Friday, June 10, 2011

Painting on a Leather Bag

On my trip to Japan I picked up some handbags,while packing I removed all the extra packing material.When I got back I realized that two of the bags were stained with blackish color.tried my best to remove these stains with different solutions,but...hard luck.I just dumped them and forgot .Recently while on a cleaning spree I spotted them again...what to do with them?how to use them?...just picked up my acrylic colors and tried them at one of  the bag’s belt.It looked fine and stayed I happy! Just like a kid as though I had acheived something great.I drew a pattern trying to work lines so that all the stains cover up.The next step was painting ...used regular acrylic medium,no water,did a bit of dry brushing...and the bag became usable!!..I did have to wait for a few days for the color to dry up completely.
 Of course the second one still needs to be worked on!!

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  1. Omg, wonderful painting, simply awesome!

  2. Awesome work Vaishali. Great way to bring life back into the stained bag.

  3. This is simply gorgeous!! love the fresh new look...superb!!