Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Savory Shortbread cookies / Iyengar bakery Khara Biscuit

The Indian Cooking Challenge!....Whenever I would read that at Valli's blog I wanted to take it up.....but never got on to it.I am participating for the first time!!..did I know it would be baking in the first go.left me nervous for a while since have'nt baked for a long time.I did'nt want to wait .Gave it a shot as soon as the challenge was announced.I went to Champa's blog and checked out her creation...simply awsum!!I was inspired,I followed the recipe making minor changes...I changed the herbs,added ...pepper,oregano and chilly flakes,somehow these are my favorite herbs.also needed to add about 1/2 tsp extra curd.Here goes the recipe.....

2cups........maida(all purpose flour)
1/3 cups....butter
1tbsp..........mixed herbs(pepper,oregano,chilly flakes)
31/2 tbsp...yogurt

Preheat the oven at 160deg .
Line the baking trays with foil and grease them lightly.
Seive the flour and salt.whisk it.
Beat butter and sugar till creamy,adding curd ,continue to beat .
Add herbs.
Work the dough with hands without using pressure.
The dough should be crumbly and not wet.
Roll into 1/4 inch thickness.
Cut with cookie cutter.
Place on baking sheets.
Bake for 20 minutes or till golden. 
Cool on wire rack.
well I was'nt fully satisfied with the final product...I felt the biscuits looked quite presentable on the upper side,but the bottom side had cracks...may be some more curd was required,but I was hesitant...wat if it wud'nt bake well...that is about the appearance....and now the taste...crisp and flaky with sweet and savoury taste...and the mild herbs made it delicious. 

so friends what do you have to say about these?

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  1. Woow..Love to with cup of tea!! perfectly baked!!

  2. nice crispy and flakey cookies

  3. Fabulous cookies, i enjoyed thoroughly this challenge,hope the same from u too..

  4. Lovely cookies...I was happy to join in this the shape of ur cookies.

  5. They have turned out nicely flaky and look crisp. Love those shapes too.

  6. Lovely shape and has come out flaky too.

  7. Loved the addition of mixed herbs, may be next time I'll try adding them. Your cookies look super cute, loved the shape.

  8. Yours have browned beautifully.

  9. Looks like we are doing a shape of the cards game..:)..that surely gives me an idea!..your cookies shape looks awesome V!..glad you finally joined us..

  10. What a cute way of shaping these delicous cookies!

  11. The cookies are so flaky and perfect..