Monday, July 4, 2011

My First Scrap Book.....Recipe Book

My first scrap book...when I had hardly any knowledge of scrap booking.I made this book about four years back.This was a book that I made for my daughter..she has a cooking blog and giving her this recipe book for her birthday seemed just appropriate.Throughout the book I used downloaded papers,which I got printed.I got ruled papers and stuck these on ivory I understand that I could have used some other cheaper was not going to show anyway.I used dots and stripes..and my circle punch to fullest!!
II did'nt get any embllishments....I took pictures of foods from her blog and got these printed...and the blog logo...."olives and basil"...I made small prints of these and pasted them....created pockets at a few places.
At that time I did'nt even have a good had taken pics very randomly fortunately saved them and today I am posting them.
The only place where I used embllishments was the cover page....I made a mini jute sack and filled grain and pasted some stickers which said..Tea ,Sugar,Coffee and Flour...these were 3D stickers..also I stuck some tiny lamasa fruits..a watermelon slice..a pear.
After getting the book binded ..I prefer spiral....I attached loads of ribbons..and thats it!!

I know if I were to make a book on the same format I would do a much better job...but still this one remains to be my favorite there was so much love into the making of book where there was no die special stylish embllishments......n no special camera...just love to wish my doll a happy birthday.
For a slightly better version click and see the pages.

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  1. Such a nice thought to make a book...It looks lovely. Happy birthday to your daughter.

  2. That's such a lovely thought. I am sure this will be something that your daughter cherishes.

  3. This is so lovely..I would have love to see this in person...
    I totally agree with you..the first book is always the one closest to your heart..simply coz we use scissors, paper, die-cuts, no ready made embellishments! That is the true joy of making a scrapbook!

  4. Great thought.Nice way to show yr feelings.
    Happy Birthday to yr daughter. Love & Regards.
    Your daughter is very lucky, to have a mom like u.

  5. Wow.... so many details but ic ant see much in pics! :( i know the feeling....i have made one baby album for my best frd.... its alot hardwork n the outcome is always stunning :)

  6. first...thnx eveyone for the wishes.
    @Tejal..this scrapbook is in Tokyo ..else wud have shown u!!
    @Karuna..its sad that the pics r not v clear...

  7. Scrapbook looks super cute and pretty..

  8. You are so very creative Vaishali! Am glad that you found wings to your creativity here. Lovely work.

  9. hey your space, first time here and wud love to follow visit me somtime..lav

  10. I love crafting and your book is very cute. I made two family cookbooks but all on the computer. I added recipes along with photos and family stories. It was quite popular in the family as they all wanted a printed copy. I think it was the family stories I added that made it so popular.