Punjabi Mango Pickle

 I am very fond of pickles,but normally I make water based pickles ,which last for a week. I have some wonderful friends who are very good with the other pickles,so normally I get my stock from them..The ICC .....yes..The Indian Cooking Challenge announced a Punjabi pickle this time…a pickle which had oil and the recipe is the  brain child of  Simran of Bombay Foodie.
Since the season for raw mango was at its end I picked up the mangoes as soon as the event was announced.My experienced friends told me to buy the desi variety which is sour.they also told me to carry a bottle of water and a napkin to wipe these mangoes.Well This was my first time to buy mangoes for a pickle.I reached the market..and when I saw the different varieties of mangoes ..was a little confused…I asked for the desi ones,checked if they were not over  ripe..and asked the guy to cut them for me..after washing with the water I had carried..and ofcourse wiping them too.
I came home and sundried them for about 4hours.I did not have any ceramic jar..so just used a regular glass jar….washed and sundried it too.
The next step was to weigh all the spices…..and then of course it was a simple procedure.But I must tell you the interesting part of this.after measuring all my spices I mixed them and suddenly realized that something was wrong with kalonji!!...I wore my glasses..but ..for sure this looked something else......I soaked it in water and..ah..this is sabza..!!thankfully I had not added the mango!I sieved the spices..it was easy to get turmeric and salt..then I used the bigger sieve and all the sabza was out!!..I finished adding the rest of the ingredients except kalonji..which I added the next day.

Here goes the recipe……
½ kg............ mangoes
100ml.......... musturd oil
70gms........ salt
10gms.........methi seeds
10gms........ saunf
5gms ..........kalonji
10gms........ turmeric pwd
5gms.......... peppercorns
½ tsp ..........sugar
6-8 ...............whole red chillies

How to go about…..
Wash ,wipe and cut the raw mangoes.
Sun dry them for 4 hours.sun dry a ceramic or glass jar.
Measure all spices.
Mix them with the mango pieces adding oil.
(no metal or plastic to be used)
Place in sun for the day…infact I placed it off and on for a few days.
Cover the mangoes with more oil.
Shake the jar regularly.
Gets ready in 15-20 days.

The result….
Well I was quite happy with the pickle..but since we eat less salt…I felt I could have reduced it by minimum 15 gms..also since I like more masala in the pickle ..may be I could have doubled the quantity of methi,.saunf and kalonji.I added whole red chillies ,not disturbing the color,yet making it a little spicy. 

Serve this lovely mango pickle with mathis or puris..or immerse a spoon of this pickle oil and masala into your daals...you will simply love it.

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