Sunday, August 21, 2011


BM # 8    Day 6
Gujarat is famous for its special peanuts..shing as they call it here,along with channa,makes a delicious dry chutney.This particular chutney made from Daalia and peanuts,is sweet,tangy and spicy.You could sprinkle it over ,khakras or hot steaming rice a dab of ghee will simply love it.No wonder it is called Chatakaa.Here it is served with almost any meal,simple and quick to prepare.
½ cup.................daalia
½ cup ................peanuts
¼ cup.................sesame seeds
Pinch citric acid(nimbu ka phool)
Salt and sugar to taste chilly pwd

Roast the first three ingredients.
Crush them in a chilly cutter or else powder coarsely.
Powder the citric acid.
Powder the sugar coarsely.
Mix all the ingredients.
This should be sweet,tangy and spicy.
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  1. Must taste awesome. I love such mixes with rice and ghee. Bookmarked :)

  2. Perfect for those lazy days when one doesn't want to step into the kitchen

  3. wow perfect to go with steamed rice and it!

  4. So new and looks interesting..

  5. Will give this a try. We don't add sesame seeds to our version.

  6. very interesting powder Vaishali :) What is daalia?

  7. Daalia is the broken..half channa...the channa which is normally eaten with peanuts>...hope I m clear.