Floating Rangoli

When we talk of Rangoli,we always think of a courtyard or entrance of a house decorated with intricate designs and patterns on the floor,white outlined designs and powdered colors filled in.I always thought why not make a rangoli inside the house....but somehow a rangoli on floor and inside the house never seems to be practical One has to keep reminding everyone  Hey careful!!..

So here is a Rangoli ...beautiful...simple on a table top..with blings and glitters and shimmers!!can be shifted from one area to other,and reused!!

What you need...
Pattern paper
Acrylic sheet
Cello tape
Decoration glue/ fevicol
Blings in various colours and shapes
Half pearls
Glitter tubes

Decide on a pattern.
Trace on a acrylic sheet.
Cut the design.
Decorate with glitter ,blings and beads.

I did this floating Rangoli for a Diwali dinner.The rangoli keris float in a acqua pot .with a tea light candle.
This was placed on a side table with silk runner and choclates ,sweets and gift packets were arranged  around the pot.
The circular designs floats in a urli with rose petals and tea light candle.
Some rangoli pieces can also be put around to adorn the runners.

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