Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zesty Fruits

The concept of Blog Hop Wednesday is very interesting. Radhika  of Tickling Palates has worked hard and now we have a big family of bloggers,where we cook from a new blog every alternate Wednesday.For this Wednesday I had to cook from Priya Sreeram’s Bon Apetit. Priya is not new to me and I have always liked her recipes,but this time got a chance to study her blog thoroughly.As always had a tough time deciding…..but the Zesty Fruits made my mouth water.I went around looking for mango..but hard luck!! I decided to use different fruits.I chose red delicious apples,green apples and pineapple.To tell the truth I was very hesitant with the tempering,but I still gave it a shot!!and actually was glad…I would have missed the best part..the crunch udad dal gave .This is how I made….Zesty Fruits. delicious apple apple
Few slices pineapple
Salt to taste /rock salt
Red chilly pwd to taste
Few drops lemon juice

Tempering (optional )
1tsp ............oil
1tsp ............mustard seeds
1tsp............ udad dal
Chop the fruits into cubes…I scooped balls from both the apples.
Add salt and chilly pwd.
Chill for about half hour.
Temper with mustard seeds and udad dal.

I chilled the fruits as firstly I like them chilled and secondly the salt and chilly pwd seeped in the fruits ,which gave them a wonderful flavor.I tempered it at the end as I wanted the crunch of the dal.People who are fasting can omit the udad dal.

Thanks Priya everyone enjoyed these Zesty Fruits!!..and these go to Ruth and Jacqueline for Book Marked Recipes.Susan for Black and White Wednesday .Also these go to Kid's Delight for No Fire Cooking , Tickling Palates , momchef , Divya Pari and Soniya for Fasting Foods.


only fasting food

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  1. Such tongue tickling recipe..I remember, in my childhood I used to add chaat masala to grapes and eat as anytime snack..


  2. hi vaishali- thank u for the rich words of praise & glad u liked the zesty fruits & hey I am posting Double ka Meetha from ur blog shortly- we lovedddddddddddddddddddddddd it; thanks & cheers !

  3. looks easy to make and yummy too.

  4. Such a yummy recipe.A very different way to eat fruits. Looks yum!

  5. Looks very yummy and beautiful colour!!!

  6. Lovely recipe...My kiddo will love it...

  7. THis is yummy and so healthy - wonderful picks

  8. Fruit chaat lovely and I love the way you have made balls from the apples leaving the part skin on it looks very decorative.

  9. Wow, that's fantastic the apple balls are so cute, love fruits chat anytime

  10. oh, very delicious-looking. Nice photos in BW and color.

  11. Yummy! Would love to snack on some spicy fruit right now. Thanks, Vaishali, for your BWW photo!