Channa Daal and Green Pea Wada

 The first group of  Blog Hop Wednesday comes to an end this week.The next month we shall be having a different group, infact I have been waiting eagerly to know my pairs for the next few months. Radhika ,inspite of being so busy manages the schedules very well.
This week I have been paired with Divya of divyazeasyrecipes. Divya is a great cook and I have observed her recipes at ICC as well as in Marathons. This week I really wanted to make the moondaal ladoos from her blog,but I know there is going to be too much Mithai during Diwali so just to avoid the meetha..I decided on these wadas. The original recipe is called Green Pea Vadai. With a few changes here is my recipe…..

200gms ...........channa daal
100gms............dried green peas
1.........................onion finely chopped
1.........................bunch coriander finely chopped
4 chillies finely chopped
Few mint leaves
½ tsp................. red chilly pwd
Salt to taste

Soak daal and peas for about 4hrs.
Grind coarsely.
Add the rest of the ingredients.Mix well.
Shape to a patty.
Deep fry to a golden brown.
 Serve hot with onions and green chutney.

The wadas came out delicious.Normally I do make these ,but the green peas was a new addition.These were relished by the family.I served them in three different ways…first as wadas,then as a filling in wraps for dinner.Some batter was left so,for breakfast  I added some rice flour and curd ,finely ground it and with a pinch of ENO…I made these dhoklas.I am sorry I was not able to click the wrap picture.Thanks Divya for a wonderful dinner as well as breakfast!
And before I end a very Happy Diwali to all of you!!

the dhoklas for breakfast
These wadas go to Susan for Black and White Wednesday and Suma for MLLA ,which is hosted by Susan.

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