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Chorafalli Fafda

The Indian Cooking Challenge,hosted by Srivalli  got me on my toes this time.When I read about this challenge I first thought of skipping it,reason being preperation for Diwali ...also I knew that making Chorafalli is really tedious.Somehow ,I did’nt want to give up ,so I decided to go ahead.I read both the recipes ,asked a Gujju Patel Aunty who is really good at making these to which recipe to follow.She preferred the second one.,Preeti's....Then I went to the Chorafalli of the most famous one selling these fallis...I asked him.about the recipe.....and he told ..chola ka aata is a must.I was left confused...finally I opted for the Preeti's recipe.

one of the best chorafalli seller
the chorafallis are stacked in a big basket and covered with newspaper 
these are served on newspapers with small disposable bowls for chutney
crisp and well puffed 

I gathered the ingredients..I aslo got chola ka aata (just in case),I made the dough and then beated it well ,when I rolled ,it would stick..I decided to use plastic sheet.Okay!!...done and now I need to fry..the first falli goes into the oil..and it did not puff up....never mind...probably the oil needs to heat up.the second one goes in...third one...none puffed up and the falli was quite decided to switch off the gas and do a better job.I started rolling again ..but this batch too refused to puff up!again switched off the gas,picked up the phone and called up the Patel aunty who lives in another town.Where have I gone wrong?Why are’nt the fallis puffing up?..taste was good but.....I was not happy.She told me not to worry as she was coming to a’bad and she would guide me.I relaxed , packed the dough and put it in the frig.

first batch ......binded dough
the dough after beating.
..I was so worked up that I did not take any pictures of the first batch final product!!

Next day the Patel aunty came and fresh ingredients came out,a little variation in the measurement...we took 2cups of besan and half cup udad all same.After the dough was done she told me to grease a poly bag and put the dough into that and stamp on this dough...something new!!...finished with that ,the dough had a amazing shine and became soft .We rolled these on a granite did’nt work.... again was we used a wooden one to roll..this worked...Thankfully.Aunty told me to make slits and not cut srtips through and through..this way the fallis remain intact and do not break,while storing.Next step was to went the did’nt puff!!.....I got what happened??Aunty was shocked!!She is a master in this and during Diwali makes  very big batches of these fallis.

Now what???It became more challenging..for me as well as Aunty...she asked me if I had cholla ka aata(just in case...helped) we added about 2tsp of cholla aata and a pinch more soda ...beated again .....and then started rolling,keeping our fingers crossed this time!! goes the first one...and..oh dear .!..this one puffed up..what an achievement..we all started hugging each other.Actually this scene should have been M.I neice and Patel uncle(incidentally he too has lot of knowledge on these)...all of us in the kitchen,enjoying our so called MISSION!!..The Patel couple left and I rolled and fried the rest of the lot..made a few round puris too...just for fun!!

Enough of my story n now the recipe.....which is a little different.....

½ cup.............................udad daal aata
2tsp.............................. cholla daal aata
A ver tiny pinch of turmeric
A generous pinch hing

¼ cup......................... water
Pinch soda bi carb
Salt to taste (keep on the lower side)
½ tsp oil

Masala for sprinkling
Red chilly pwd
Black salt

How to go about......

Boil the water.

Add salt ,oil and soda bi carb
Cool the water to room temperature.
Seive the flours.
A dd hing and turmeric.
Using the boiled cooled water ,make a hard dough.
Grease a thick plastic bag and place the dough in it.
Clean the floor and clean your feet and place this bag on the floor.
Stamp on this bag, just for about 4-5 minutes ,careful all chances of slipping!
The dough should have a glaze .
Make even sized balls.roll on a wooden chakla.(maida or rice flour can be used for dusting)
Make slits,do not cut through and through.
Deep fry.
Remove on an absobent paper.sprinkle masala.
Enjoy with chutney.
the second batch
water with salt and soda bi carb

the glaze on the balls

rolling on a granite chakla
rolling on a wooden chakla
rolled up..ready to cut

dipped in the pudina chutney

Pudina chutney
A bunch.................... corriander leaves
A bunch.................... mint leaves
5-6 green.................. chillies
Salt to taste.
1tsp........................... besan
2tbsp........................ curd

Heat 1 tsp oil .
Add the leaves and chillies .
Let the leaves wilt.
Put in a mixer ,add besan....blend.
Cook this for a few minnutes.
Add salt and remove from fire.
Let cool.
Add beaten curd.
(this chutney is supposed to be really hot....but one can always adjust the chillies)

wilted greens

This surely was a challenge in the true sense,but after a long discussion with the Patels I came to a conclusion....
The flours should not be store bought.(I had done that)
Make your own flours.
The soda bi carb should be fresh.(mine was 2 months old)
Place the dough in the center of the plastic bag,giving it enough space to spread while stamping.
The glaze is the sign to tell you that the dough is ready.
sprinkle the masala immediately after frying

The fafdas ,as they are popularly called here were appreciated by eveyone ,infact my hubby and son were impressed and asked." when are you doing the next batch?.".I just scratched my head and smiled..n said ."..lets see!!...''

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