Sarso da Saag te Makki de Roti

BM # 9  Day 7

Among Punjabi food my all time favorite is Sarso ka saag.Every winters when these musturd greens hit the market my hubby makes it a point to get them,he knows this is The Best winter choice for me.The taste of these is little varied from what we get in Delhi,so mom tries to send if she knows somebody is travelling to my place.Incidentally last week I was in Delhi for our school reunioun which was the second reunioun after 35long years!!Flash backs,revivals,school visit...and the ooohs and aahs..giggling..what a wonderful time it was.Strange but how a person changes over these years,we could not recognise some of the boys(of course men now).......oh...I am supposed to talk of sarso n here I am babbling about school...I actually got carried away,so back to sarso...since I was in Delhi among Panjus,I decided to buy the sarso there and along with it paalak,bathua and shalgam.Yes these are the ingredients that go in the authentic saag.I boiled the saag there ,but cooked it here is the recipe.....

1kg ...........sarso
½ kg......... paalak
250 gms.. bathua
2-3............ green chilly
Trim the ends of paalak and sarso,cut roughly.(use the stems ,they have a wonderful flavor)
Bathua needs to be picked
Peel and chop the shalgam.
Pressure cook all these with green chilly till soft.pulse in a blender..try to keep it on the coarse side.

4................onions,finely chopped
4-6 tsp......ginger,garlic,green chilly paste
4-6............ tomatoes pureed
1tsp.......... red chilly pwd
1tsp.......... garam masala
1tsp.......... dhania –jeera pwd
Salt to taste
2-4 tsp makki ka aata....make a paste with water

Heat ghee.
Add onions,saute’ .
Add ginger,garlic,chilly paste.
Saute till deep pink.
Add tomato puree.cook till there is no moisture.
Add tomato puree and cook till dry.
Add spices.(plz note no haldi)
Add saag.
Mix well.
Cook till flavors blend.
Slowly add the makki paste ,along with that add ghee.
Mix well.
Again add another tsp of makki paste and ghee .cook on slow fire ,till ghee floats.

(well I dont have the heart to add so much ghee,so I cook in less ghee and then give the dish a good tadka)

For the tadka
Heat ghee.
Add jeera .
Add hing.
Add red chilly pwd.
Add to the cooked saag.

Makki de Roti

Makki ka aata
Green chilly chopped finely
Corriander chopped finely
Salt to taste
Add the above ingredients and make rotis.
Put a blob of white butter on the makki roti.

 To serve...
Always serve some gur(jaggery)with saag.ofcourse the red radish  ,onions and fresh green chillies are the add ons.
A big glass of Lassi or a bowl of curd goes wonderfuly with this.
In Punjabi the voti(wife) takes this meal for her husband and both enjoy their meal in the fields.
I got my meal in the porch adjoining the get the field feel.
For those of you who do not get Bhatua or shalgam..dont worry just add the sarso and paalak in the above ratio and proceed in the similar way.

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sending this to PJ and jaya for basic breads

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