Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kaju Mithai

Unlike many,I have never been fond of market Kaju’s on the sweeter side and somehow I dont enjoy it’s flavor.Perhaps it’s so baecause my hubby makes the best Kaju Mithai which we all relish and strange but lasts nearly three months.For this Blog Hop ,Radhika chose Anamika’s blog for me.Anamika of Taste Junction caught my attention with the super Rasmalai post. I went all Fida.....:))...what a lovely post!!.....wish could have chosen that for this Blog Hop.....but frankly was a little apprehensive ,so decided on the Kaju Mithai (I knew hubby dear would help).This is a thicker version of Kaju Katli...with a difference in the sugar syrup.Check out here for the original recipe.We always make in bulk ,so my recipe has a kg of kaju,but of course you can choose the measurements that suit you.

1kg ..............kaju tukda
400 gms..... sugar
150 gms..... milk
1tsp............. illaici pwd
Almond and pista flakes for garnishing

Grind the kaju,never mind if they are a little coarse.
Heat milk.
Add sugar.
Let dissolve.
Add powdered kaju and illaichi pwd.
Mix well.
Spread in a greased tray.
Cut into squares or diamonds.

This goes to Susan's Black and White Wednesday

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  1. Delicious looking sweet...nice clicks

  2. Yum yum,rich looking delicious mithai.

  3. it has truly turned out fine; and I am very partial to this sweet, though have never tried it at home

  4. Looks delicious!!. Rather looks very professional.! Very nice and so easy with ingredients!

  5. delicious dear...You have made this perfectly..Will surely give it a try..

    Do visit my blog too

    1. Your blog is nice. Please visit for more sweets.

    2. Your blog is nice. Please visit for more sweets.

  6. I make this with mixed dry fruits is always a winner at home!

  7. Kaaju Mithai looks so delicious and perfect!Too good..

  8. Kaju Mithai looks very delicious n perfect. Better than store bought. Thanks for sharing dear. Love this.

  9. This method was really helpful........

  10. You should try kaju katli from ; you will surely love it as it is little juicy and with less sugar. We provide quality and authentic sweets....!!!