Saturday, November 26, 2011


BM # 10   Day 4

Years back when I was in college I had a friend who migrated from Burma.Her mom cooked excellent Burmese.Kweshwe was one of the dishes I remember.Very recently one of my friends made this for lunch...memories flashed back...I had not had this in the last 30 years!!...Kweshwe is a Burmese dish.One can call it a kind of bhel...or should we call it soup?...actually it is a meal by itself.Serve it piping hot,make it spicy or mild absolutely ideal in winters,giving that comfort feeling.The to do list of pre perations is rather long,but believe me it’s not cumbersome at all.

¼ cup................ green peas
¼ cup................ french beans
¼ cup ................cubed carrots
¼ cup................ cubed potatoes
2 tetra packs.... coconut milk(400ml)
Salt to taste
Red chilly pwd

To be blended in a mixie.....
2....................... tomatoes
1tsp................. ginger / chilly paste
2tsp................. besan / cornflour
Just a few spoons of water
Boiled spaghetti

Cucumber finely sliced
Tomato sliced after removing pulp
Onions sliced
Corriander leaves
Mint leaves
Fried crisp onion
Roasted / fried garlic
Fried noodles
Potato straws*
Chilly flakes
Soy sauce *
Chilly sauce*
Lemon juice

Heat oil in a vessel.
Add vegetables.Saute’.
Add water and cook till nearly done.
Add the coconut milk.
Add the blended tomato mix.
Keep stirring for a while,until thick,
Add chilly pwd .
 Add salt.switch off gas and cover the pan.

To serve
Place the steaming hot bowl of curry on the table
 Along with hot spagetti and all the garnishes in individual bowls.
Let the guest serve themselves by first putting spaghetti in their bowls ,then adding curry and finally the garnishes according to their individual taste.I did not add the starred ingredients* as I prefer it without them,but you could try, they taste awsum  as my son says!
Also be lavish with the garnishes,I have'nt been due to pics,else would'nt be able to know what goes in!!

This curry soup goes to Radhika's Winter Carnival,Kalyani's Global Food Festival  ,and Srivalli's Blogging Marathon.
Winter Carnival

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  1. Never heard of this dish before and I have never tried anything Burmese.Looks very easy to prepare. Must try it sometime soon...

  2. Very interesting noodle dish. Filled with veggies -- sounds healthy and delicious.

  3. You are introducing new dishes everyday Vaishali. looks inviting anf sounds yum. thanks for sharing.

  4. That's a very new and interesting recipe...Looks really good

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  5. very interesting recipe Vaishali... you are on a roll, with these yummy winter dishes. Thanks for linking to GFF too :-)

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  6. This is new dish for me, I had one burmese rice which was highly recommended by the caterer for my son's first birthday. Even after a year I am told by many guests that they absolutely loved the burmese rice. I will give this one a shot soon

  7. Cumbersome or not, it looks super delicious! I wish I had a friend who would prepare this for me. :-)

  8. Sounds so different and very interesting!!!!

  9. Looks fabulous and definitely new dish for me..

  10. Looks fantastic! Reallly great looking!