Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Leele Doongri ne Kadhi ane Rotlo

BM #10   Day1

 Winters is the time when Gujrati kitchens make maximum rotlas.Rotlas are thick millet breads.These are cooked on clay gridles .Originally they were made on coal sigris.Till date many Guju homes make these in the traditional way.The smoky taste of coals and earthen gridle lend a special aroma to these rotlas.These are best served with some kind of kadhi or brinjals in some form.Since Iam allergic to brinjals I made spring onion green in Gujrati and Doongri is onion.....Of course how can we miss the fresh green garlic chutney....its absolutely addictive.Coming to the recipe....

1cup............ curd
1/4cup......... besan
4.................... finely chopped spring onions chillies finely chopped
½ tsp............ ginger finely chopped
1tsp............... jeera
½ tsp............. methi dana
Pinch hing
1/2tsp............ red chilly pwd
1/4tsp............ turmeric pwd
1/4tsp............ garam masala
Salt to taste
2tbsp............. ghee

Heat ghee.
Add jeera,methi dana and hing.
Add the spring onions .
Cook till well sauted.
Add the whisked curd and besan.
Add all the spices,green chilly and ginger.
Cook on slow fire for about 20 mins.

1cup millet flour
Salt to taste
Warm water to bind the dough.

Mix flour and salt.Make a well in the center of the dough.
Adding water very slowly bind the dough to semi soft.
Make two balls.
The original way to make a rotla is by tapping the rotla on a chakla or some kind of surface.
Place the rolled rotla on a hot clay gridle.
Cook on both sides till done.
A non stick tawa too can be used .
If you do not know the tapping method you could roll with a rolling pin too.

Green garlic chutney
250 gms........... fresh green garlic. chillies
Salt to taste.

Make a coarse paste of garlic and green chilly adding salt .
Heat ghee to a smoking point.
Switch off he gas.
Add the corse paste .
Keep covered for 2-3 minutes.
The ghee that floats from the garlic chutney has a wonderful aroma and this is thoroughly enjoyed with the rotlas.

This goes to Radhika's Winter Carnival ,Susan's Black and White Wednesday,Lisa's Kitchen , MLLA 41 brain child of Susan  and do check my fellow marathoners.

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