Monday, November 28, 2011

Maatla Oondhiyo

BM # 10   Day 6

Oondhiyo is a winter speciality of Gujrat.The name of the dish comes from the Gujrati words Matlu meaning earthen pot(matka) and Undhu meaning upside down.Layers of particular  vegetables and beans are put in the earthen pots with green garlic ,carom and subtle spices,sealed and fired in an underground kiln.After the pot is sufficiently cooked ,it is removed and enjoyed by friends and family.These vegetables emit a sweet ,smoky taste,mingled with flavors of various spices.The commonly used vegetables are purple yam,sweet potato,potato,yam,raw banana .Among beans surati papdi,vaal dana and tuver dana are used.

Matla Oondhiyu is normally made in villages or at farm houses but since its taste is so good people here have come up with a baked version,which is simple and yet delicious.Iam not very fond of yams ,so have omitted ,but if you like you can use them.

500 gms................ surati papdi
250 gms ................tuver dana
250 gms................ vaal dana
500 gms................ baby potatoes
500gms .................sweet potatoes

Green masala
250 gms............... green garlic
250gms ................coriander leaves
6-7......................... green chillies
Few drops of lemon
Salt to taste
 1tbsp.................. oil
2tsp..................... carom seeds
Salt to taste
Few cabbage leaves

String the papdi and rip open .
Boil the tuver dana,vaal daana and papdi with salt and a pinch of cooking soda.
Boil sweet potato and potatoes.
Peel the two.
Cut the sweet potato into big cubes,
The potatoes need not be cut,unless the size is big.
Make a coarse paste of all the ingredients under masala.

Take an earthen pot.
Line it with cabbage leaves.
Heat oil in a pan.
Add hing and carom seeds.
Pour this on the cabbage leaves.put a layer of the differnt beans and dana.
Next spread some green masala.
Now a layer of sweet potato and potatoes.
Again some green masala.
You could sprinkle some red chilly pwd if you like.but purely optional.
One can make layers  in this order and then finally cover with cabbage leaves and foil paper.
Bake in oven at 250deg for about 30 mins.

Red garlic chutney
Green chutney
Sweet tamamrind chutney
Besan sev

Serving style
Gently plate the oondhiyo.
Pour all the chutneys.
Sprinkle sev.
Squeeze some lemon juice.
Well for those who do not have an earthen bowl..a baking dish will do.
The Oondhiyo does not need any breads to go with it,it is quite filling and enjoyed as it is.

This goes to Radhika's Winter Carnival.Susan's MLLA 41 hosted by Briciole,Smita's HCC hosted by Kavi and do check my fellow marathoners.

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  1. Looks yummy yaar!!!! I m learning a lot of Traditional Dishes here!!!! Good man!!!!

  2. I have heard lot about it.. and now see it here..its truly amazing loved every bit of it

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  4. Never heard of this, sounds so interesting..thanks for sharing all these traditional dishes Vaishali..:)

  5. I have this just one's at my cousin's wedding since she married a Gujarathi!! Tasted yum! Thanks for sharing the recipe..will try it soon!

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  6. I am dying to have Oondhiyu,Vaishali - am taking a night train to Ahmedabad now !! bookmarked !

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  7. Wow Vaishali, u share so many beautiful dishes completely new to me, terrific maatla oondhiyo..

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  10. Today also a new recipe, i have never tasted this and sounds great. nice clicks. do we get green garlic in chennai?

  11. umm this is good way to recreate the experience at our homes....we had once tasted the traditional pot made under wood fire , the taste is way too different from the regular stove made pots. loved ur idea and pictures

  12. Wow!!!!another new one from you!!!!!Bookmarked too:-)

  13. Love these traditional recipes from you.

  14. Never heard of this but it looks very tempting...

  15. i have eaten this twice and loved it. unfortunately we do not get all these veggies here.:( ,love your version

  16. Your description of the dish is truly fascinating: I wish I could taste it. Thank you so much for contributing another recipe to MLLA.

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