Peanut Chikki

BM # 10   Day 7

 While it is dark and gloomy people just tend to eat more .We should try and eat foods that have condensed calories.Jaggery is warmth inducing and it is suggested that eating jaggery after a heavy meal helps in digestion.It contains the natural goodnessof minerals and vitamins present in sugarcane juice,still it is important to remember that gur is a form of sugar,it can cause a blood sugar spike and may not be appropriate for sugar patients. Peanuts  are packed with minerals and energy. A combination of gur and peanuts ,cooked together makes  a wonderful dessert after meals.During winters this chikki is a must in our family here is a recipe ,which is a speciality of my s.i.l.

250 gms.............. jaggery
500gms ...............salt free roasted  peanuts crushed coarsely
1tsp...................... ghee

Heat a pan .
Add ghee.
Add jaggery.
Stir constantly on full flame till it melts and the color is golden.
Test check.
Add the peanuts .mix well.switch off gas.
Spread on a greased surface ,try to make it even with a spatula.
Using both hands make it into a round.
Roll till you reach the desired thickness,but this has to be done fast.flipping it inbetween rolling is important.
Using a pizza cutter, make pieces.
Store in an airtight container.

Test Check.* test check if the jaggery has been cooked to the right temperature take a bowl of water and put in a few drops of the roasted jaggery.
Wait for a few minutes.
Remove these pieces from water.
If they r hard n crunchy is done.else you need to cook a bit more.

This goes to Radhika's Winter Carnival Susan's MLLA 41 hosted by Briciole and Srivalli's snack mela........ do check out my fellow marathoners.
Winter Carnival

Today is the last day of this marathon .Here is a  recap of what I have posted during this week.

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