Fruit and Nut Pops

Baby Shower is a special event for all expecting mothers. In North India  it is called Godh Bharai.The significanceof this is to welcome the coming baby in the family with love ,wishes and gifts.During  last month’s BM we realized that our dear friend PJ is expecting her second baby…PJ of Seduce Your Tastebuds…has a lovely blog and has some awsum vegan recipes too........excitement  on receiving this news was very natural…strange I have never met PJ ,but somehow we bloggerrs have a special bond and are like a family.We decided on a virtual baby shower for PJ..wanted to keep it a surprise….but during discussions we were not sure about PJ’S reaction..Valli called her up..and here we are….

Loads of love for you and the coming baby…I have  made No Cook Fruit N Nut Squares..just changed the shape and converted them into pops!!..well I found these absolutely apt for the occasion…healthy,full of nutrients..just what you need at this time.Hope you like these PJ....and wish I could ACTUALLY send them….these come with lots of love,wishes ,Blessings!!Hope you have a safe delivery and come back home with a healthy beautiful baby in your arms.

Now coming to the recipe…..

1cup.......... seedless dates
1cup.......... raisins
Icup........... almonds
2tbsp........ sesame seeds

Pulse all the  ingredients together.
Make balls.
Fix them in satay sticks.
Wrap in cling film.
Tie with a ribbon.
Refrigerate for an hour.

Little tiny hands and feet,
Brand new babies are so sweet!
Blinking eyes and tiny toes,
An itty bitty button nose!
That's right-a baby's on the way!
Let's gather for a special day!
We'll have a special baby shower,
And it shall be a happy hour!
We hope that you will join us there,
And that you have the time to spare.
It will be fun to celebrate,
So don't forget this special date!

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