Thursday, January 26, 2012

Agar Agar Cheese Salad

BM # 12   Day 4

Agar agar is one ingredient which I use very regularly.I normally make a dessert with it ,which happens to be included in everydays menu.I might make some variations  but thats about it.Recently my daughter suggested me a salad with agar agar,something she wanted to try but since she was pressed with time passed it to me.It sounded quite interesting  and went with my paneer theme,so I  tried it. Since it was the first time I followed the recipe blindly,but after tasting I feel it needed some I am giving you the original recipe and will suggest what changes could be could tweet it according to your taste buds.

Agar agar layer
5gms......... agar agar
300ml......... water
Pinch salt
Boil water and add agar agar.
Boil till it dissolves completely.
Add salt.

Cottage cheese layer
3tsp ...........agar agar
1cup.......... water
2cups........ cottage cheese
1cup........... mayonnaise
½ cup......... cucumber and capsicum finely chopped
¼ cup......... spring onion
2tsp............. lemon juice
½ tsp ...........musturd sauce
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Dissolve agar agar in water.
Crumble the paneer.
Fold in all the ingredients in agar agar mix.

Rinse a mould with chilled water.
Arrange olives,carrots and capsicum.(any veggies could be used..this is only presentation)
Gently pour the agar agar mix.
Place this carefully on a ice bowl to set.(you could place in the deep freeze too for a few minutes..till it sets)
Pour the folded mix of agar agar and paneer.
Cool and set.

The salad looked pretty and tasted good but I felt the first layer was a little bland,may be we could add some flavor to it...may be orange juice...or some lemon juice  if we don't want to change the color.
Also I felt we needed to add more zing to it by adding some chilly to it.(I hate bland stuff) or may be I could have used garlic and onion mayo,which has more flavor.

A very Happy Republic Day to all my friends.......perhaps the colors of the dish too reflect the spirit!!

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  1. New and innovative salad recipe. sounds yum and looks awesome.

  2. it looks interesting and beautiful!...nice idea!

  3. yummy and perfect for today. BTW Vaishali, all the recipes that I posted which asked for egg whites can be made using Agar agar. I will be updating the posts along with the recipes.

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