Chocolate Shahi Tukra with Orange Sauce

Cheers!! My food blog - Ribbons to Pastas completes a year today !!!

A baby which is slowly growing and has a long way to go.The first few months had numerous teething problems, so much so, that in fact after publishing my first post I decided to quit. It drove me crazy to understand various technical details of blogging, posting and photography. But a big huge hug and thanks to my lovely children who pushed me and so here I am today.

It started with a craft post and I wish I could post more craft but somehow managing between family and work this is all I can do. Food blogging, Blog Hop Wednesdays , Blogging Marathons and sending my entries to soooo many other events opened up the window and I have had some great experience during this past one year.

I have enjoyed and had fun.I have met some wonderful people and made some very good friends, they all seem like a family now. I enjoy the communal aspect ,where we get great feedbacks,tips on cooking and improving ,learn about different ingredients, new methods of cooking.

Today is a perfect day to thank my family too - their support has been tremendous and a big thanks to all my friends who have helped me and last but not the least, a huge thanks to my blogger friends who give me encouragement ,feedback and tips and happiness beyond anything.

To celebrate this landmark in my blogging life, and life in general, I would like to share the happiness through a giveaway . Yup ! A Book by India’s top Chef – Sanjeev Kapoor.

Called “Cooking with Love”, this treasure trove of Vegetarian recipes is a wonderful book sourced across generations by the masterchef himself ! So, dearies to get your hands on this book, read on :

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I wanted to Celebrate the Blog Anniversary with Shahi Tukdas but even though they are really delicious wanted to innovate something here I am with  the same Shahi Tukdas..but with an interesting twist!!

8............ slices super soft white sandwich bread
Ghee for frying
Place two slices together.
Cut them into a big round,saving the rest for crumbs or bread upma
Cut a small round in the centre.
Repeat with other bread slices.
Heat ghee and fry to a crisp golden.

Sugar syrup
1cup sugar
1cup water
Boil water.
Add sugar.
Boil for 7-8 minutes or till you reach one thread consistency.

Chocolate Rabdi
500ml............. milk
50gms choclate
Sugar if required
Vanilla extract
Boil milk till reduced to three fourth.
Add chocolate  and cook till melts.
Blend to a smooth paste .add vanilla extract.

Orange Sauce
2tsp............. sugar
1tsp............. corn flour dissolved in 2tb sp water
1tsp............. orange zest
Boil orange juice.
Add sugar.
Add dissolved cornflour and stir constantly.
Remove from flame.
Add orange zest.

Dip the bread into sugar syrup.
Place on the serving plate.
Top with choclate rabdi.
Drizzle orange sauce.
Garnish with orange zest and chocolate sauce.

Since two slices of bread are cut together  the bread gets a thickness and it gets crunchy outside and a little soft inside.
This is off to Cooking Concepts,Chocolate Mela,Valentines Special andValentine Fest served with love.