Thursday, January 19, 2012

Daal Paatra

BM # 12  Day 4

I am always in a hunt to try a new recipe for BM so normally I call one of my friends who has to suggest me something which I have not heard of.She has a treasure and her I love her cooking skills.For this BM she suggested Daal  Patra. Patras are a common sight in Gujrat ,but Daal Patra was new to me.These are from Surat and actually I wonder why I have’nt tasted Surati Cuisine as yet.It’s supposed to be spicy.After reading the recipe I was hesitant to cook these hardly has any flavorings..I mean the regular Patras are so flavorsome….but my friend assured me that I would like them.So , here I am..and actually they turned quite delicious.They have a peppery taste and when served with seeng tel and  drizzled with lemon gives a tangy taste.The pepper-lemon combo is unique.

6 colocasia leaves

Preparing the leaves.....
These leaves have veins like any leaf has.The thickness of the veins varies according to the size of the leaf.Try getting baby leaves ,which are tender and have soft veins.In case you get big leaves ,remove the veins carefully ..just the ones which are thick. While doing so some leaves might tear ,but thats okay you need not worry. Wash the leaves.

1cup................... tuar daal (pigeon pea)
¼ tsp.................. red chilly pwd
¼ tsp.................. coarsely ground pepper
Pinch hing
Salt to taste

Wash and soak the daal for 2-4 hours.
Grind to a paste.
Add the spices.
Beat well till frothy.
Apply to the first leaf.
Place the second leaf on top and apply the paste again.
Fold and roll the leaves.
Cut into pieces.
Serve  garnished with coarsely ground pepper ,seeng tel(ground nut oil) and drizle some lemon juice.
Please refer to the pictures to fold and roll the leaves.

applying the paste
first fold
second fold
third fold
roll over

These are  also off to Susan's MMLA#43 ,and Street Food.

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  1. Super flavourful and healthy daal paatra,simply inviting..

  2. Superb dear. great texture and i guess that patra we should eat.

    Nice concept. bookmarked.

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  3. That's such an interesting dish!..never made it though..

  4. I had heard of Arvi patra but never saw the toor daal paste coated on it; we generally use the gram flour instead.
    I loved this idea so much that this is soon going to be in my wish cook list.

  5. we use gram flour this is nice idea of dal
    do visit my site

  6. Always wanted to make but not able to find these leaves. Yours look so perfect. Love it

  7. i heard about it from MIL some time back, never thought about it beyond that, but now this interests me a lot

  8. awesome! I always see these leaves in the Indian store and wonder what we can cook with these apart from I know!!!

  9. i love eating paatras, never made them....

  10. This recipe is so good...Mouthwatering Dear..


  11. This is a new recipe fro me too.. Looks delicious and healthy as well!

  12. I made it with besan or chana daal. must try this one.

  13. hv not seen step by step recipe .. nice sharing.. too good..

  14. Awesome! Kannadigas too make this dish. They call it pathrode.

  15. delicious looking patras..I always make patra using gram flour paste ,never tried with tuvar daal paste.try this version soon.thanks for sharing..

  16. This is a new one to me - looks delicious! Thanks for sending your recipe to My Legume Love Affair.

  17. vaishali i live in baroda and i ve always wondered what those leaves are meant for now you ve enlightened me with your post thanks dear for linking it to the event

  18. I have seen patra leaves in the store but I never knew what they were for..But now I know. Very new and totally delicious looking dish!

  19. I wish we could get patra leaves here. I love them, especially this way. My mum used to make them all the time.

  20. O Wao Vaishali... It was nice to discover your blog.. My newest love is cooking.. :D Don't know if its just an infatuation or a long life commitment but I am loving cooking..!!! Looking out for some gr8 recipes..
    I remember my grand mother used to make this dish... In punjab, we call this as pateed ke pakode... Oh I can still recall its taste.. the outer crust is so crispy tht it just melts down in your mouth..


  21. So Awesome! I have never had these before! Wonder where i can get those leaves!

    1. @Magpie These are colocasia leaves...I really dont know where u belong,but they are available in most countries.