Friday, January 20, 2012


BM # 12     Day 5

Living in Gujrat and not blogging about Daalwada?...not possible!!These are truly special.Pakodas made from split green gram,spiced with garlic and chillies and fried to a crisp brown.These crunchy wadas are served with onion slices and fried green chillies.

While taking a drive down the streets of Ahemdabad,you will spot a daalwada stall at every corner ,but ofcourse there are a few famous ones who sell the Best ones!!As soon as the first  monsoon  starts ,even if it is a drizzle..these stalls get packed and  people queue up to buy  daalwadas holding umbrellas.

These are actually very simple to make and just need the right amount of flavoring and there you go…my hubby wonders why people go crazy and stand under umbrellas with pouring rain…when it is such a simple affair?..well…well…!!!what do I say to that?..

1cup......... split green gram
3-4............. green chillies roughly chopped(you could make a paste  too)
2tbsp........ crushed garlic
(in winters I use crushed  fresh green garlic )
A good bunch of coriander leaves finely chopped
Salt to taste.
Soak the daal for 2-4 hours.
Wash the daal and discard half the husk.
Grind coarsely .
Add all the ingredients.
Beat well.
Deep fry to a golden brown.
Serve hot with onion slices and fried green chillies.

Fried green chillies
Wash the chillies.
Pat dry on a kitchen towel.
Heat oil.
Throw the chillies in the oil and cover the pan immediately.
You shall hear the chillies cracking.
After about a minute switch off the gas.
Remove the lid.
Remove the chillies on a kitchen towel.
Sprinkle salt and asafoetida.

Next to the Daalwada stall we always find a tea stall .The combination is awsum in rainy season and winters!!


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  1. One of my friends made these at a baby shower party..I am yet to make these vadas..We simply loved these.

  2. Those fried green chilies are mouthwatering.. Nice wada

  3. was searching for this recipe. Thanks. Bookmarked

  4. Totally YUMMY..I love it..Delicious.


  5. Feel like munching some,super crispy daalwada..

  6. One more temptin recipe feel like take some from there....

  7. Looks so inviting Vaishali. And i love your idea of taking the pics of the vadas on a newspaper sheet and the tea glass in the background. It just adds to the street food effect!

  8. You are feeding me my MIL's dishes this week. Incidentally she has spent all her life except the last 10-15 years in gujarat. Yours look good and tempting.

  9. very crispy and tempting daal vada..loved the presentation too :)

  10. Yummy. I learnt them from my Gujarathi neighbor. :)

  11. One of my favorite winter street food. In Rajasthan you will get this in almost all the bus stands. I add whole coriander seeds also.
    Nice presentation.

  12. That's so tempting!..can't resist for sure..:)

  13. I love these. Thanks for sending your recipe to My Legume Love Affair.

  14. delicious looking dal vada looks wonderful

  15. That looks super crispy and tempting!

  16. I love dal vadas. Something so amazingly comforting about them, and reminds me so much of home.

    Thank you for linking up to Sweet Heat, I am looking forward to including this in the round up!