Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paneer Sandwich Pakora

BM # 12  Day 3

There is nothing new about Paneer Pakoras ,the same paneer ,the same besan…aint it?...Recently my hubby has become allergic to chana daal and we all are so fond of pakoras.We might eat them once in a while ,but you start to crave for the things which are banned.Naturally I stopped making anything with chana daal and that includes besan!!While planning recipes for BM I wondered about the twist to pakoras…something different and something which  my hubby could eat.Next morning I sent the yellow moong daal for grinding.It was a lovely fine powder,I quickly made a batter and fried a test pakora.Unbelievable!! I  was waiting for evening to surprise everyone with these pakoras.Check out for yourself….

200........gms paneer cut into thick rectangles

Corriander leaves
Mint leaves
Green chillies
Lemon juice
Salt to taste
Grind coarsely to make a thick chutney.

 1cup........ moong daal flour
¼ tsp........ red chilly pwd
Pinch soda
Pinch hing
Mix all ingredients and  using water  make a batter for pakoras .

How to go about
Slice the rectangular pieces into two..or you could slit them.
Apply salt and leave them  for about 5 minutes.
Fill the green chutney.
Dip into batter and deep fry till golden.
Cut into pieces.
Serve with any spicy sauce .
I served it with maggi oriental sauce!!

Do I need to tell you the reaction?..well my M.I.L. was more than pleased .Her son could eat Pakoras!!..and hubby gave me a nice long list to make from this moong daal flour!!

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  1. wow..great recipe and I love the story that goes with it..makes it more interesting to read than just a recipe!

  2. Great looking pakoras, and awonderful solution to the flour replacement., you can also try corn flour mixed with small amount of rice flour for the batter

  3. Hmm.. Mong dal flour for pakoras! Interesting.. Paneer pakoras are very inviting.

  4. excellent idea..I have a few friends who have issues with besan. Shall suggest this idea to them.

  5. I would love to give this a try..It looks awesome..Bookmarked it Dear..


  6. Love this!..looks so tempting..

  7. Delicious and tempting pakoras,awesome clicks...

  8. thats just too delicious and wonderfully made!

  9. incredibly yummy :) please please pass me a plate, Vaishali :-)
    btw, I think the tag for BM needs to be changed Vaishali - its not showing in the main BM page of valli's blog - an extra dot (.) is after the Blogging Marathon tag

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  10. Nice substitute for besan. Pakoras look so nice..

  11. wonderful, marvellous recipe. let me try it out.

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  12. looks really delicious! yum yum..

  13. Super tempting and irresistible pakoras..loving it.

  14. yummy recipe, perfect pakoras for the weather now!!!!

  15. wow perfectly done pakoda....luv it

  16. Delivious pakoras , nice presentation and great clicks.

  17. My, look at that! I am drooling at that picture! So gorgeous! Truth be told,all your dishes fascinate me. This pakora too!