Paneer Tomato Salad

BM # 12   Day 1

Paneer or Cottage Cheese,without which a North Indian meal would be incomplete.A versatile ingredient,very handy to cook quick meals and high in protien.Yes this is my theme for this week’s marathon.Paneer!!

Red ripe tomatoes are a must on my lunch table and I wondered how to incorporate this lovely white cheese with them. I am always fascinated with the colors and textures of vegetables and fruits. Anyway I just scooped these and made a stuffing ..and here I am with a delicious guilt..and yummy salad..

1cup........... finely chopped paneer
2-3 tsp .......capsicum(red ,yellow)
1tsp........... spring onion
1tsp........... raw onion
Pinch  black pepper
Pinch white pepper
Salt to taste
Lemon juice
Mix all the ingredients.

 4 red ripe tomatoes

Wash and cut the top of tomato.
Cut the bottom too ..just a bit ,so it stands evenly.
Scoop them.
Fill the stuffing .
Garnish with mint and lemon slice.
Serve chilled.


If you wish to bake these you could do so too!

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