Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Raja Kebab

BM # 12   Day 2

Kebabs are a great hit with the family.Today I have picked up Raja Kabab.These are a speciality of my restaurant,though I have made a few changes to the original one ,which is more potato and less paneer. Raja Kebab is nothing but a Papad roll.A little tricky to make but if executed well I am sure you will love it.So here we go....

2 papads(you can use any brand)

1cup........ grated paneer
¼ cup...... boiled mashed potatoes
1tsp......... frozen green peas(if using fresh then boil them)
1................green chilly,finely chopped
2tsp......... onion finely chopped
¼tsp .........red chilly pwd
¼tsp......... chaat masala
¼tsp......... garam masala
Pinch kasoori methi
Pinch turmeric
Corriander leaves
Salt to taste.
Mix all the ingredients  under stuffing.

How to go about.....
Place a papad on the work surface.(check it should not be torn or cracked)
Damp the papad with water ,but do not use excess water.
Be careful with the edges.
Make a oblong ball of the paneer stuffing.
Place in the centre.
Fold the papad.(please refer the pics)
Make sure you seal the edges,else oil will soak in and the roll will be terribly greasy.
Deep fry.
Remove on a kitchen towel.
Cut into pieces.

Serve with tandoori salad sprinkled with chaat masala and mint chutney.
have not  tried the MW version,but guess it should work well.

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  1. I never tasted these but I can taste the flavor looking at the pictures.. Nice recipe

  2. Hey that's wonderful Vaishali..how nice to have an alternative!

  3. thats totally amazing and a great recipe! love the idea of wrapping it in papad!

  4. I am always amazed at the totally new recipes (for me at least :) ) I find in your blog! This one looks really great, liked the presentation too.

  5. osume dear, in my next family party i will definetly tried this
    easy n quick but more tempting

  6. Wow we call this as papads rolls,love the name itsel..Seriously cant take my eyes from ur irresistible clicks..

  7. This is so very different and interesting! And i didn't know u had a restaurant too!

  8. never tried paneer this way. great to know another paneer recipe. Looks yumm.

  9. Nice and i am seeing this for the first time.

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  10. this looks delicious and is something entirely new to me

  11. Gosh!! This is something beyond imagination. I guess I should bookmark your whole page instead of this recipe only. :)
    The kebabs look ultimate! I can't take my eyes off the recipe, too. :)

  12. mouth watering. I agree it is very tricky to handle wet papad !

  13. Delicious...Totally Yummy..


  14. Innovative and interesting mouthwatering recipe,looks yummy......

  15. Awsome. I am trying this out. Thanks for the pics.

  16. Very very interesting and delicious dish with paneer. Never thought papas can be used as a wrapper. Awesome dish. Will definitely order this in the restaurant.

  17. I have been planning to make a papad sandwich for long now. Your version looks very delicious.
    And the images are beautiful.

  18. Never heard of this but looks delish...

  19. Very new Vaishaliji!!! Bookmarking them!!! :)

  20. Oh my, my! Who would have thought to use a papad as a wrap! That is totally new to me!

  21. Papad rolls looks delicious. it is new to me , am going to try this Vaishali.

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  23. Good information on Indian recipe. its quite different from other posts,,,,Thanks.. it looks amazing kathi roll & kebabs