Sunday, January 15, 2012

Satpura / Pather Pheni /Chirote

As kids I guess we are too playful and are not interested in what is being cooked during festivals.Going back,years back probably when I was 7- 8 , I remember mom making Satpuras for a special festival called Mahalaxmi-jo-sagro.This  festival is dedicated to Godess Mahalaxmi ,the Godess of wealth during Shiradhs .For two weeks homeage  is paid to forefathers .Celebration of festival starts with tying a thread,made with raw threads and sixteen knots.On the day the sacred thread has to be untied and  various savouries are prepared,one of these is Satpura.

Since we believe in Guru we do not follow the rituals which were followed long back and hence are quite ignorant about these festival cuisines.... now when Valli announced the Indian Cooking Challenge and while making these Phenis  I recollected that these are the same Satpuras mom used to make!! my...every state has a different name to the same thing...and sometimes we dont even realize this!!

Coming to the challenge....and the recipe.....I followed Madhvi’s recipe ..minus the syup.

1cup.................... all purpose flour
2tbsp.................. ghee
Pinch salt

Ol for frying

For applying in between the layers
2tbsp................. ghee
2tbsp................. rice flour

Handful pistachios
¼ cup ...............sugar
1tsp.................. cardamon pwd
Mix the three and make a powder.
Dried rose petals.

Seive the flour.
Add pinch of salt.
Add ghee.
Mix well till it resembles bread crumbs.
Adding water gradually bind the dough.
Cover with a muslin cloth.
 Let it rest for an hour .
Make 5 balls of this dough.
Make thin chapatis.
Place the first chapati and apply ghee.
Sprinkle rice flour.
Place the second chapati ...a little off the first one.
Repeat applying ghee and rice powder and placing these off the previous one.
Finish all five.
Start rolling the chapatis and make a log.
Seal the ends.
Cut into peices.
Roll each peice into a small disc...make sure you roll this lightly.
Deep fry .
As you fry you will notice the layers.
Remove on a kitchen towel.
Dust with sugar n nutty powder.
Garnish with rose petals.


While making these I actually did’nt go through any difficulty...may be the use of rawa would have created some problem..but with flour it was pretty cool.Infact now that I am done and over with this  I saw some amazing Chirote...another name!!...lovely colors.Here is the link...check out for yourself.


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  1. Mmmmm this looks so delicious,..:)

  2. Looks awesome..Totally yummy..


  3. Those phenis looks super irresistible and quite adorable..

  4. wow look at the layers they are amazingly flaky.
    Perfectly made.

  5. Wow... it does look very yummy, I really like the way you show recipe with pictures, Thank you

    Beena X

  6. very tempting, flaky, perfectly done and beautifuly presented .great!!!
    You have a lovely space !!Happy to follow you.

  7. lovely and tempting. i thought after cutting into small doughs we should make puris out of them.

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  8. What a fantastic looking phenis..and I thought so that we will have something like this in other states too..:)..thanks for the gyan..:)