Sweet and Spicy Fruit Kebabs

Tandoori food is a hit in winters..the different Tikkas and Kebabs....,but Sweet and Spicy Fruity Kebabs are loved by the kids as well..healthy ,colorful and delicious.Magic Mingle an event announced by Kalyani attracted me right away...hereby we are given a combo of two ingredients and they have to go hand in hand in the recipe....After the announcement of this first month..where we are given Chilly and Cinnamon ,I was still racking my brain and I saw some of my blogger friends had already posted their recipes!!... My options began...but wanted to create something  new ,so did’nt want to rush finally I came up with these Fruit Kebabs.

The fruits I chose....

Chilly flakes
Cinnamon coarsely ground
Brown sugar
Orange juice

Chocolate sauce

Place the chopped fruit in a bowl.
Sprinkle the spices and sugar.
Pour orange juice.
Leave it for about an hour.
Roast the fruits mildly.
(be careful with strawberries..else they will turn limp)
String them in a satay stick.
Drizzle choclate sauce .

These Kebabs also go to to the following events Valli's .. Kids Delight: Color Palatte, Lyndsey's Sweet Heat Chilli Challenge: Lets Rock Indian and Raven's    Cook Eat Delicious Desserts: Fresh Produce.

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