Monday, January 16, 2012

Tri-daali Daal au Joovar-jo-Dhodho

BM # 12 Day 1

For this edition of BM  I have picked up Daals,well I will try to post different forms of daals and will not restrict to the regular daals,so guys dont loose track,remain hooked to get a new variety everyday.The very first day I am starting with our Sindhi Cuisine.

Tri Daali is a regular daal served in Sindhi homes.As the name suggests its a combination of three daals.The split gram daal,udad daal and the chana daal.This is a very simple ,quick daal and has a amazing garlic flavor.

This daal is normally served with Jowar jo Dhodho.Jowar is Sorghum and Dhodho is a flat Indian bread ,thicker version of chapati,difficult to roll so either it is made in plastic sheets or made in between palms of your hands.This can be made with addition of salt or onions,green garlic,coriander too can be used to enhance the flavor.After the dhodha is cooked on either side, it is generously fried in ghee / oil .(well actually the frying part can be avoided).The fresh green garlic lends a special flavor to the dhodha,which makes it a treat in itself.A lot of homes serve it with green chutney also.

 1cup..............split green gram
¼ cup.............split black gram
¼ cup.............bengal gram
1large............ tomato
¼ ‘’..................ginger  roughly chopped
2..................... green chillies roughly chopped
¼ tsp..............turmeric powder
Salt to taste
Wash and soak the daals for an hour.
Put all ingredients in a pressure cooker and cook for 2 whistles .
Simmer for about 7-8 minutes.
Check if the daals are cooked.
Blend them a little.
Add eneough water to get the daal to a medium to thick consistency.

4tbsp.............. oil /ghee
2tbsp .............finely chopped garlic
A large pinch asofoetida
Fresh corriander
Heat oil / ghee
Add garlic,let it turn to golden brown will get that wonderful aroma.
Add asofoetida.
Temper the daal covering the pan immediately after pouring the oil.
Garnish with fresh coriander.

1cup...................jowar flour chilly finely chopped 1small onion finely chopped
2tbsp................. finely chopped  fresh green garlic
Corriander leaves finely chopped
Salt to taste
Add all the ingredients and bind a semi soft dough.
Make 2 balls and flatten this with your hands.
Go on slapping the dough with both palms till required thickness is acheived.
Roast it on a gridle.
If you feel it is thick sprinkle some water and press with hand ...this way the dhodha will spread on the gridle.
Once both sides are nearly cooked apply oil for paratha.
Flip over and apply oil on the other side too.

Serve it hot with Tridaali Daal and green chutney...the combination of a raw onion which has been beaten with u r palm...mukka maar ke!!....well that’s how we have..without peeling the it a good the rustic way to eat..and a fresh green chilly.a few drops of lemon.....m..mmm..lovely!!

This goes to Srivalli's Blogging Marathon # 12,  Sweet Heat Chilli Challenge: Lets Rock Indian ,Gayatri's Walk through the memory Lane and Susan's  My Legume Love Affair # 43.

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