Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hara Bhara Kebab

BM # 13   Day 7 

Today being the last of this marathon,I am moving from my kitchen to a hotel’s kitchen.This is to show you  the preperation of the kebabs  in a big clay oven.This oven needs  about 10 kgs of coal and takes about an hour to get ready.Once well lit it goes on for about 5 hours.The intensity of the heat, naturally goes down with time.That is the time when those daals are kept to cook.Coming back to ‘s menu has Hara Bhara Kebab.These kebabs are made on the long seekhs…rods.

½ cup………. blanched spinach
½ cup ……….boiled mixed vegetables
½ cup……..... boiled raw bananna
½ cup……..... grated paneer
1tbsp ……......ginger garlic paste
1tsp ……...… chilly paste
2tbsp….…… .daalia pwd
2tbsp …….….peanuts coarsely crushed
1tsp .…….…...kasoori methi
1tsp …….........chaat masala
½ tsp………... garam masala
½ tsp…….….. dhaniya pwd
½ tsp……...… red chilly pwd
Coriander leaves
Salt to taste

Chop the  blanched spinach very  finely.Squeeze excess water.
Chop the boiled vegetables also very finely.Squeeze excess water.
Mix all the above ingredients and form a dough.
Shape into long kebabs with wet hands on these seekhs.
The even texture is done with rubbing the kebab gently with wet hands.
Place in the clay oven.check after 10 minutes.
Reverse the seekh and cook the other side.
Place the front of the seekh under water.
Rotate and remove the kebab.
Cut into pieces.
Serve in a chafing dish with some live coal.
This same kebab dough can be used to make shallow fried or deep fried Kebabs .
For deep fried version first test check the kebab,if it breaks then  add extra dalia pwd or bread crumbs.
Serve with mint chutney and tandoori salad.

boiled vegetables
all ingredients put together
the dough
the clay oven
a peep inside ..ah!!..really hot!!
the outlet is sealed at the time it's lit and unsealed  for removing the ashes.
 on the long seekh
roasted and out of tandoor
cut into pieces
coal in the chafing dish

Friends I hope you enjoyed this Kebab series as much as I did.Thanks to Srivalli for getting me addicted to these marathons.This way it gets a compulsion to cook and get innovative .Thanks to all other friends who put in words of appreciation.And for those of you who have joined in the second week ,missing out the first here is a small recap of  kids lunch box check!!

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  1. That is a great insight on the clay oven that hotels have.Kebab looks svery nice. Glad to have run the marathon with you

  2. All of you have tempted me to make kebabs now :). Love the color.

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  3. wherever did you get this huge clay furnace/tandoor? Very resourceful I should say :)

  4. thats wonderful nice to have a clay oven on hand! wish I could visit ur restaurant some day! all of us will come! :)

  5. Lovely recipe.. Great clicks.. Love your step by step presentation.. Lovely running Blogging Marathon with you

  6. Lovely blog.. Now following your blog

  7. Oh god!! You have a clay tandoor as well!!
    I'm seeing this for the first time on a blog...just so happy. :)
    The kababs for sure are fantastic...mind-blowing stuff! :)

  8. Ya guys this is the big tandoor..n @Harini..we have a hotel the kitchen has this big tandoor!!..and @Smitha trust me I would love to have any of my blogger friend visiting me..ya the restaurant too....n @Anjali I am glad I could capture these ..because it was a real job getting the inside of the oven with the heat literally killing me!!
    a big thanks to all of you there:)

    1. This looks absolutely yummy..I should try this soon...Bookmarking this one..


  9. as much as I love plantain (raw banana) I will be trying this one

  10. wow..this sounds so good n looks inviting...lovely presentation..
    its nice running marathon with u :) thanks for stopping by throughout this BM..

  11. That's really some pictures Vaishali..thanks for sharing your hotel stuff..I would love to visit a hotel kitchen, though I know it will be very tough..thanks for sharing such wonderful dishes..glad I got you hooked!..:)

  12. Wow!You have a restaurant!!Its like a dream come true for me :).Loved the pics and of course the kebabs....

  13. lovely pictures Vaishali, ahh i so want to be part of ur restaurant...good that u managed to sneak in that kitchen for this run

  14. lovely way and especially pictures......Awesome....

    visit @my blog for my first event in ur free time :-)
    Ongoing Event--Color n Sweet-HOLI FEST
    Preeti's Kitchen Life

  15. Hi Vaishali, your kebab series was awesome! Have nominated you for the Versatile Award...Do visit my blog and pick it up!

  16. nice series 7 this is a good post

  17. looks wonderfully delicious.

  18. i am literally late but its worth a comment.

    the way you made these hara bhara kebab is great.

  19. Lovely looking kebabs. You have nice collection,.