Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kakori Kebab

BM # 13   Day 1

The word Kebab gives us a wide variety.We could include the tikkis,tikkas and of course the tandoori kebabs.They could vary In shapes and sizes.The basic term ‘Kebab’ refers to either meat pieces or minced meat threaded on to skewers and then roasted on coal.The origin of Kebabs is from Persia ,but  need less to say they are served and relished in every country.The variety is enormous as you can check on wiki.

For the first day of this second group I have made Kakori Kebabs.These have been named after the city of Kakori in Uttar Pradesh.Well,some say it was invented by the nawab of Kakori… the original kebab needs lamb but I was keen on trying these with a similar texture and color!!So I choose soya granules and made this extremely ,soft and rich Kebabs.Let me warn you the ingredient list is quite long ,but totally worth it…….

250gms …........soya granules
1large ...............onion grated
4tbsp...............  besan
2tsp................... red chilly pwd
1tsp................... black cardamon pwd
½ tsp................. cinnamon pwd
½ tsp .................cloves pwd
½ tsp................. mace pwd
½ tsp................. nutmeg pwd
½ tsp pepper
2tsp.................. dried rose petals
2tbsp................ rose water
1tbsp ................khoya
Salt to taste

Roast and Grind
Few almonds
1tsp ......cumin seeds
1tbsp.... poppy seeds
1tbsp ....dessicated coconut

Soak the soya granules in warm water for 15 minutes.
Wash the soya and squeeze all the excess water.
Mince well in a mixer.
Put in a muslin cloth and squeeze the left over water.
Squeeze out juice from onions too.
Soak saffron in rose water and after 10 minutes grind it.
Add all the spices,khoya and besan .
 Mix well.
Check all the spices  and salt and adjust according to your taste.
Once again put the whole mixture in the mixer and blend well.
The kebab dough is ready.
Shape them on to skrewers and roast in the tandoor.
Serve with onion rings and green chutney.
These kebabs are best relished with naans.

I made these kebabs for the first time and I must tell you they were so soft that it became difficult for me to thread them.The original recipe had egg ,which is a binding agent.Those of you who don’t mind egg could perhaps minus the gram flour and add one egg.As for me I patiently threaded them and was very careful ,the taste was very rich and these melted in the mouth.Personally I am not a soya eater but I enjoyed these Kebabs  and so did the family.The saffron and rose flavors lingered .....

These also go to Srivalli's Kebab Mela

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  1. Awesome Vaishali, really looking forward to the Kabab recipes..thanks for linking!

  2. Very interesting blend of spices!

  3. Kebabs seem to be alien for me. Looking forward to your entries.

  4. looking forward to ur kebab recipes!...this is awesome! yum!

  5. these look so good..i love the variety of spices...I have soya chunks and some leftover khoya I need to use up...a must try recipe!

  6. I have really wondered way the varieties would be.. loved it..Look forward eagerly to next 7 days now :)

  7. Yummy kababs Vaishali. They are worth all the hard work. Bookmarked. Will definitely yrt it sometime.

  8. Good one..I don't have courage to try the same..:)

  9. Looks delicious... Want to grab one right now...

  10. Excellent Vaishali, so glad that you picked this theme, cant wait to see more magic in your kitchen, loved the rose petals and all, yummy

  11. Vaishali, why don't you try in Masterchef India??
    Kakori kababs are one of the toughest to make (as I saw on TV) and you did such a fantastic job! They look really 'wow'!! :)
    Thanks for those lovely words on my space...they inspired me like heaven. :)

  12. This is so very inviting Vaishali. Looking forward for the next six days

  13. very interesting...... and tempting plz send me this @my home

  14. Kebab sounds interesting with all spices...looks very inviting!!
    awaiting for your next kebab recipe :)
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  15. superlike :) and what interesting ingredients.. rose petals and all that :)

    bookmarking this !

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  16. Lovely recipe and great click.. The kebabs look delicious

  17. This one is very new to me.Love the ingredients and Im sure the taste ws awesome..

  18. hello mam ,please tell how to roast them in which oven and what temperature?
    please reply soon as iam planning to make it tommorrow . can i make the mixture one day ahead?

    1. Meenakshi,I dont know which part of the world you stay..if in India with this summer heat I would not advice to prepare the whole kebab, the onions can spoil the whole thing..what you could do is prepare the basics and do the main mixing on the serving day.
      If you are staying in a foreign country where the temp is favorable go ahead and prepare them i n advance.
      you could bake them in an oven at 250 c and roast for about 30 min OR till done.
      alternatively shallow fry.
      Hope this helps,do let me know how they turned out.

  19. thanks mam for replying but one more question as i have postponed to make these tempting kebabs to clear one more question that the soya granules quantity you have mentioned 250gms , is it after soaking or direct from the the box and how many kebabs will it yield? hope my question does not irritate you.

  20. Meenakshi 250 gms of soya from the be soaked.
    Regarding the yeild..well it depends on the size and thickness that u choose to make...and u r welcome to ask u r doubts issues:)