Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nutella Strawberry Rice

BM # 13   Day 3

Okay, I know I am no kid but well what do I do to my craving for choclates and specially Nutella.I just love to open this magical jar which lends out a wonderful aroma..and…at times  when no one is around I quietly dig in a spoon  and pop it in.While planing my marathon I decided to make rice with Nutella.Everyone gave me those looks..rice n nutella?…I kept avoiding but they just would'nt go off my mind ... I wanted to try these for sure,so one day while no critcs were not around I quietly made a small portion …..

½ cup................ rice
1tsp................... butter
3tbsp................. nutella
1tsp................... almonds
6......................... strawberries chopped
Vanilla essence

Wash and soak rice.
Fry rice in butter for a few mins.
Add 1cup water and let rice cook.(the quantity of water depends on the rice you use)
As soon as it is about to cook add nutella .
Let simmer till done.
Add chopped strawberries and vanilla essence.
Garnish with  some  chopped almonds and choclate sauce if you wish.

To tell you the truth I simply loved these nutella rice,but I think I should have added  2tsp of sugar at simmer time ,this would make them a little sweet through and through As soon as I finished clicking I finished half the rice …then I decided to save some for the critics!!..I had to blindfold my son as he is the main critic..and feed him... Yeah!! guessed right ,even he agreed that this surely was a wonderful  innovation.


also goes to Valli's  Choclate Mela , Kalyani's Valentine Fest ,Lets Cook: Valentine’s , Berries: Strawberries  an event by Anu,and Vardhini's Zesty Palette.

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  1. wow wow wish i was so adventurous...looks and sunds so good

  2. Very innovative. Probably works better as a dessert. :)

  3. wow :) you sure are innovative !

  4. wow very creative idea dear....never thought of rice with nutella...

  5. a very interesting and creative dessert idea!!

  6. so innovative..would never have thought to combine this!

  7. yummy...nutella and strawberry, who would not like to have this..

  8. wow!!!!i would have never thought of this combination !!!

  9. Hey wow, awesome,fantastic! I will try this in fact like you will make a small portion only.

  10. You are so creative!This is one dish kids will never say no to...

  11. Wooosh!! I thought at first place that this is a cake, but can't believe now that it's rice!! Very well presented with the aromatic flavors of Nutella and luscious strawberries.

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  12. very innovative n delicious recipe...real kids delight recipe...loved it!!
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  13. Wow!! Vaishali very innovative rice. Looks inviting. Lovely presentation.

  14. Wow rice with nutella. Interesting and thx for linking to the event.

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  15. oops, hope i did not miss this post. lovely one.

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