Sunday, February 19, 2012

Paalak Paneer Teddies

BM #13  Day 4

Children normally like to remove chunky veggies from their food,but they like colors.Thinking on those lines I used to make Paalak Paneer Parathas and they were a hit with the girls.If a paratha can be made with this combo why not rice? I have noticed children removing the greens too from their food,but with these rice they have no scope of doing that either !

1cup............... soft boiled rice
¼ cup............. pureed spinach
¼ tsp.............. roasted garlic
½..................... green chilly
2tbsp.............. grated paneer
2tbsp ..............grated cheese
 Salt to taste

Puree the spinach with roasted garlic and green chilly.
Heat little ghee /butter in a pan.
Saute’ the spinach puree in butter.
Add rice,paneer and cheese.
Stir and let simmer for a few minutes.
Put these in moulds.
Demould and place them in cup cake cases.
You could cut heart shapes from carrots with a cookie cutter.
Place these on a lettuce bed.

Kids will get their salad ,greens,protein and carbs , attractively presented  and  will finish off their lunch box  happily  and   mom’s ! They will be more than happy!!

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  1. This is so cute :) come & visit mine when free :)

  2. healthy rice, awesome presentation.

  3. did you think that way when you were a kiddo vaish? I remember me fishing out pumpkins from sambar when i was a kid and here i am so in love with them i uses to do that with spinach too. You are bang on with your recipes for kids!!!

  4. Lovely way. Wow this is a sure hit I am sure.

  5. Awesome recipe... spl presentation... plz send me this box

    Preeti's Kitchen Life

  6. Palak paneer teddies are very adorable and delectable.. Nice presentation!

  7. I call this ultimate! Just way too creative and for sure the kids would love it. :)

  8. very cute n innovative presentation!

  9. This looks awesome and yummy


  10. So very cute I am sure any child will gobble this up in no time.

  11. hey same pinch...i too made palak rice for the theme but you r more creative n well presented it...loved it!!
    Spicy Treats
    OnGoing Event:Show Me Your HITS~Healthy Delights

  12. Fabulous presentation. Rice looks so delicious...

  13. That's really so cute the way you get so creative when it's a kid's dish..

  14. nice way of presentation. what is that yellow colored tablets on top of rice?

    Hema's Adugemane