Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vennai Puttu

This months Indian Cooking challenge is from Tamil Nadu...a sweet .I was very hesitant with this recipe as I know the taste of my family and the food which is relished by them,but for me it was something new and unheard and that is the main reason to go ahead.To be on the safe side I made half of the given recipe. 

Before I go on to the recipe I must tell you something interesting.Recently I visited an organic food fair .This fair has lot of traders who come from various villages with their farm products.There are many food stalls of different organic cooked food too.While going around this fair I saw a lot of variety in jaggery.I picked up three is in green color,this one was new to me ,never seen green jaggery...(.I have used this green one for the Vennai Puttu).Then they had powdered jaggery,this I had heard of,but never seen ,and finally the dark brown one!!...I would have loved to post some more variety...but at present have only these .The non organic one that we get here is absolutely light in color,when we melt it ,it nearly gives a transparent look.Anyway lets get on to the recipe.....

1/2 cup.................... raw rice soaked for 3 hrs
1/4 cup.................... grated jaggery
1/ 4tsp..................... iilaichi pwd
1tbsp...................... shredded coconut
2tsp ........................cooked channa dal
Chopped almonds
ghee for greasing the mould

Make a paste of the soaked rice adding 1/4 cup water.
Make a syrup from jaggery with 1/8 cup water or till jaggery melts.
Boil 1 cup water in a pan.
Add the ground rice paste.
Stir constantly.
Add jaggery syrup,cardamon and chana dal.
Add shredded coconut.
Cook till it turns into a thick mass.
Set into a greased mould.
Garnish with almonds.
Let cool.
Cut into desired shape or slices. 

the green jaggery
jaggery syrup

 rice paste
 nearly done


 Frankly I was satisfied with the end product . I found it something like halwa. Talking about the rest of the family ....well, everyone found the recipe just average...I guess we still have to develop the south taste for a few recipes,and actually speaking the same goes for some other recipes from different states too. Isn't this only natural?

 This also goes to Susan's Black and White Wednesdays

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  1. green jaggery sounds have got a nice consistency there ..nice work.Iam going to try mine only tomorrow:)

  2. How nice to know about the different jaggary you found..very interesting..coming to the taste part, yes this requires lot of adaptation..since my mom says it's authentic one, I was so happy with the results..:)..glad that you tried it..picture looks great and I concluded that it's Rice halwa..heheheh..

  3. That's nicely made Vaishali.The addition of almonds sound better.

  4. Really YUMMY Recipe..I am loving it


  5. this looks so fabulous with almonds on top of it. hats off for the lovely picture.

  6. Very Tempting vaishali!!! Green Jaggery so new to me!!!

  7. Love your version.. interesting attempt with the diyas..

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