Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Apple Jalebi with Kheer

BM #14   Day 5

Two years back I had been to a fair ,where some young boys had a food stall which served Apple Jalebi.These jalebis were like donuts but immersed in a fragrant saffron syrup.What a wonderful twist to the traditional jalebi ! Ever since have been wanting to make these  but sometimes bookmarked  recipes lie in those folders only.The recipe that I got was with just simple maida which seemed more like a apple fritter.So I decided to use the Jalebi dough recipe which we had done for The Indian Cooking Challenge.This was a hit recipe and I knew I would not go wrong. Normally to make it a complete dessert I would serve jalebi  with rabdi…but this time I decided on Kheer and  let me tell you it turned out absolutely  yum..the winey flavor of green apple with the tartiness of jalebi ….. the immense aroma of saffron and ghee…..and then the condensed rice kheer   you got to try this one to tickle your taste buds.

12............ green Apple rings

For the jalebi dough
Please check here.

Sugar syrup
Check here.

How to proceed
Dip the apple rings in water with a few drops of lemon to avoid the discoloration.
Heat ghee.
Dip the apple rings into the jalebi batter and deep fry till crisp.
Make sure the apple rings are well coated with the batter.
Immerse in the sugar syrup for a minute or two.
Garnish with saffron ,pistachios  and almonds.

½ cup ........rice
1lt............... milk
¼ can........ condesed milk
¼ tsp......... cardamon pwd


Boil the rice till soft.
Add milk and boil till reduced to half.
Add condensed milk and cardamon pwd.
Cook till you reach a semi soft consistency.
Chill and granish.
You must keep in mind that the kheer on cooling becomes thick.

this goes to Kalyani's Summer Splash hosted by Sangeeta , Sara's Corner for women's Day, Rasya's I am the Star 

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  1. Wow! drooling here...Can I have some please?

  2. Wow. Love the twist to the traditional jalebi.

  3. That's really so delicious and fantastic..love this.

  4. Mouthwatering Jalebi's..Looks Awesome..Love sweets @any time :)

  5. I am packing my bags and movign you your place to sample (na, gorge) on these delicacies.. overnight train ka distance hai na.. awesome !!

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  6. just love this dessert..nice n juicy apple bite in a crisp jalebi..yumm yumm

  7. Vaishali...I am coming to your place..you have been asking me to send my silly recipes to your place..when are busy making such delicacies. I am making this soon.

  8. Love this one alot. Must try it out. But I am courious what are teh red cluster hat you have used in the plate.

  9. A delicious combination of desserts.

  10. Wow, that is very tempting!!! when i read apple jalebi, i thought some shredded apples in the jalebi batter, silly me!!! :)

  11. This is a very tempting recipe.. with the kheer dip

  12. Archana..these r watermelon balls...wanted to make it attractive with a contrasting color:)..n Rajani..Kalyani..Pradnya..infact all of u pack u r bags!!..come on ..we really shall have fun..n sure to celebrate with some wonderful goodies:))

  13. my fav apple jalebi. I am it will taste more delicious with kheer

  14. Unbelievable ....just can't take my thoughts off the taste and mind you I am drooling over the thought. Oh please pack some for me ....definitely bookmarking it ...gonna try it for sure. Wah re Wah!!!

  15. awesome mouth watering twist! I heard of it but never dared to make it :)

  16. this is such a great combo.. i would have never imagined..esp with green apple.. great one vaishali :)

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  17. Your recipes always torment me. This is no exception. I am in awe of this dessert. **drool**