Chocolate Paan

BM #14   Day 7

I always thought Paan to be of Indian tradition,but was amazed to know that it’s origin is Malaysia or Iran.Paan is chewed as a digestive and as a breath cleanser and is served at special functions after the meals.The betel leaf is filled with a mix of spices such as cardamom,aniseed and katha with choona (lime paste), grated coconut,different kinds of supari (betel nut) and small pieces of various candies.

I wonder how many of you are aware of paan parlours?These are really popular in Gujrat.Within the range of one km you will see three to four of these paan shops.The paanshops of yesteryears served paan , cigrattes and just a few tit bits.Women hardly visited such paan shops.Today's paan parlours are exclusive..they have a variety of paans and imported stuff  like drinks,chocolates dry fruits and some gift items too.Things have changed and now women are found in these parlours.Infact there is a particular parlour where women serve these paans.Recently while hunting for a imported product I went to one of these parlours…and I saw choclate paan.This was rather interesting.I bought a paan and came home and tried to disect it..but the mixture was quite condensed. The next day I visited the shop again and asked the owner if he could tell me what the ingredients were..he was hesitant but when I told him I want to write about it he agreed to give a demo. And now coming to the choclate paan....

1tsp........... raisins
1tsp........... black seedless currants
1tsp........... chopped cashews
1tsp........... chocolate chips
1tsp........... nutella
1tsp candy
1tsp........... gulkand
1 mini........ mint choclate bar cut into pieces
Mix all the above ingredients .

4................. betel leaves(calcutti patta)
¼ tsp......... choona(lime scales)
½ tsp.......... katha
Wash the betel leaves.
Apply a little choona.
Apply the katha on this.
Make a cone of the betel leaf.
Fill in the mixture pressing it down with finger tips and holding the cone firmly.
Fill ¾ of the cone.
Fold the two sides.(refer Pics)
Bring the top flap down.
 Insert a tooth pick to seal.
Trim the extras.
Dip this into choclate syrup.
Roll onto choclate vermicilli / coconut powder.
Chill and serve.

I tried making a paan in the Paan shop

thanks to Gulab Pan House for the demo.

paans can be folded in different ways..just a bit of practise

On making this paan I felt we can easily avoid the katha and choona.We can use any leftover choclates.Also if we don’t have gulkand we can soften rose petals with hot sugar syrup which should be quite condensed.If betel leaves are available this is a wonderful twist to the original paan and you could easily choose your favorite chocolates for stuffing.

sending it to Kalyani's Holi Fest ,Susan's Black and White Wednesday

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