Friday, April 27, 2012

Paneer Gatta with Tikadiya

BM #15    Day 5

Gatte ki Subzi is one of the top favorites amongst Rajasthani  Cuisines. Here I have mixed cottage cheese to make it rich and extra soft.Traditionally this is prepared with chick pea flour, but I have used moong daal flour since my hubby is allergic to besan. Infact everyone enjoyed this preparation which was much lighter than the chick pea one.

1cup....... chick pea flour / moong daal flour
½ cup..... grated cottage cheese
¼ tsp...... carom seeds
½ tsp...... red chilly pwd
½ tsp...... garam masala
½ tsp...... green chilly
Few coriander leaves finely chopped
3tbsp..... oil
Salt to taste

Mix all ingredients and make a semi soft dough.
Place a pot of water to boil.
With greased hand roll out thin fingers from the dough.
Put these in the boiling water.
Remove them with a slotted spoon after about 8-10 minutes.
Cut into 1’’pieces.
Deep fry.(this is purely optional)
Keep aside the left over water for gravy.

the fried gattas

2tsp............ paach poran / mix of cumin,fenugreek,mustard,nigella and fennel seeds
2-3.............. whole red chillies
½ cup........ curd
¼ tsp......... turmeric pwd
½ tsp......... red chilly pwd
½ tsp......... garam masala
Salt to taste

Heat oil / ghee .
Add the paach poran, hing, and whole red chillies.
Immediately add the left over boiled water.
Let boil for 5-7 minutes.
Add the prepared gattas.
Switch off the gas.
Now add the beaten curd ,salt and spices.
Mix well.
Switch on the gas and give it a boil.
Serve with Tikadiyas.

½ cup............ wheat flour
½ tsp............. salt
3tbsp .............oil
½ tsp.............. red chilly pwd
½ tsp............. jeera pwd

Mix salt and bind a dough.
Roll out into a chapatti.
Mix all spices.
Apply oil , spread the spices.
Roll like a pin wheel and make a ball .
Roll this again into a thick chapati.
Cook on both sides applying ghee and making it crisp.

The paneer gattas served in the Rajasthani Thaali..may look different from these as I have garnished those with Kashmiri red chillies.

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