Monday, March 26, 2012

Pav Bhaji Dosa

BM #14   Day 4

My trip to Mumbai without going to Juhu Beach is incomplete.This is the beach where I was proposed..well it has romantic  memories but besides I love to eat all that junk there..wonder why they call it junk?What is wrong  in that yummy buttery Pavbhaji?..or the tangy mint water pani poori…so healthy..all is’nt it?..whatever.... I actually don’t care…..I hate to miss this chatpata stuff…the last time I was there we had the pavbhaji was just too good!!Lavishly smeared with butter .Eversince I make this regularly.I don’t have the heart to be lavish with butter…somehow  the low cal stuff suits the health  better.

2....................boiled potatoes
1....................small onion
3................... large tomatoes
1tbsp.......... capsicum
2tbsp.......... boiled green peas
6cloves ......garlic
½ tsp........... lemon juice
¼ tsp........... red chilly pwd
¼ tsp........... black salt
1tsp............. pavbhaji masala
½ tsp........... coriander pwd
Pinch turmeric
Corriander leaves
Put some oil on a tawa.
Add onions and capsicum.
Stir and sprinkle some water.
Add boiled mashed potatoes,peas and tomatoes.
Mix well and again sprinkle some water.
Start mashing the bhaji with a masher  sprinkling water as and when required.
Once totally mashed keep aside.
Put some butter on tawa.
Add crushed  garlic and all dry spices.
Immediately add lemon juice.
This masala should not burn.
Mix the masala to the bhaji .
Sprinkle coriander leaves.
This the Bhaji which is normally eaten with buttered pav but we are stuffing this in a dosa.

1cup ............dosa batter
Lassan ki chutney
Heat a gridle.
Pour  a ladleful of batter.
Move in circular direction.
Drizzle butter or oil.
Apply the lassan ki chutney.
Place  the bhaji  in the centre or spread it..depending how you prefer it.
Cook till crisp.
Fold and serve with sambar and coconut chutney.

Needless to say the taste is awsum!!

This goes to Susan's MMLA hosted by Girlchef ,Rasya's I am the Star ,Love Lock Series hosted by Vardhini

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  1. Wow! This is the first time I am hearing such a combination! I am going to try this sometime.

  2. I have tried pav bhaji stuffing in dosa..but the addition of lasan ki chutney is yumm yumm....I want to try this soon.

  3. wow!!looks awesome...i got yo try this!!!

  4. Such beautiful thin dosa! I think as long as it makes us feel good - at least a bit it must be good for us. Lovely meal - thank you for sharing it w/ MLLA :D

  5. Looks so tasty. I too love chaats but don't have time to make them these days...

  6. I love this..very delicious dosa

  7. I love pav bhaji and I love dosas.....have never come across this combination, though.

  8. Lip-smacking!!!! Delicious Stuffing!!!

  9. lovely and delicious combo..never thought of adding this bhaji in dosa...
    crisp and tempting dosa.will try this soon :)

  10. First time I am hearing about this combo. Must be yummy.

  11. Interesting twist to the regular dosa. Thx for linking to the event.

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  12. Good one.. I can imagine the flavor of the bhaji in dosa...

  13. That's really superb!..very nice Vaishali..

  14. Interesting Spread!!Thanks for the idea..Nice twist

  15. Mumbai's fav street food (Pav Bhaji DOsa) recreated @ Ahmedabad :) :) reminds me of the Dosa stall near Santacruz na...

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  16. mumbai street food is to die for.. i can spend days going there & binging ..pav bhaji dosa is super yum.. love the color of the sambhar too..superb vaishali :)

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  17. i will definitely make this stuffing . The girls will worship it.

  18. I love the bhajji for Pav.. especially from Gangotri. would love this dosa. with the bhajji

  19. Ummm...that is an awesome dish!Lovely and innovative!

  20. Awww...this is such a beautiful and yummy treat..I love dosas and I love pav bhaji too...You combined the both! I am drooling !!!! :D

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