Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rasgulla Mousse

BM # 14   Day 3

We never buy any sweets but somehow they just come ..somebody gets engaged..someone gets married..oh for any small and big occasion sweets are distributed .Among Bengali sweets Rasgulla is my favorite.Everytime we get them I quickly serve them and finish off in one go trying hard not to store any.Reason?well if I don’t do that everytime I open the fridge I pop in one!!..sometimes two!!Dont laugh…I am not joking I can finish a dozen in a day!!..Its the guilt and the waist line that just stops me.

I had heard about the Rasgulla Pudding and thought why not work on Rasgulla Mousse.So I got six rasgullas..they were packed in a box..sealed..I put that in a bag and knotted it real tight and put it at one of the back shelves.(it’s a job to open the knot ..break the seal and steal a rasgulla!..from the back shelf..)I prepared everything and finally removed the Rasgullas..just at the mixing time!!

Cornflour mix
2.......................cups milk
1 ¼ tbsp.........cornflour
6tbsp............ ..sugar
Dissolve cornflour in ¼ cup milk.
Boil the rest of milk with sugar.
Add the cornflour mix, stirring continiously so no lumps are formed.

Agar agar mix
2tsp ................agar agar pwd
¾ cup............. water
Dissolve the agar agar pwd in water.

Cream mix
¾ cup ..............whipped cream
Vanilla essence
Mix the vanilla essence to the whipped cream.

Other Ingredients
4 rasgullas.....…crumbled
½ cup................. chocolate chips

Mix agar agar mix to the cornflour mix and boil once.
Remove from fire and place over ice ..stirring continiously.
When it reaches room temperature add the crumbled rasgullas,whipped cream and few chocolate chips.
Pour into bowls.
Garnish with chocolate chips.
Place in frig for a few hours to set.

This was my first attempt on this mousse and frankly I prefer the rasgullas ,but hubby and sunny both enjoyed the new dessert.the same mousse was relished by me the next day guess the flavors had infused very well by then....and the leftover two rasgullas...?my neice was eyeing them since I got them so ...let her have them!!

this goes to Kalyani's Summer Splash hosted by Sangeeta , Sara's Corner for women's Day, Rasya's I am the Star 

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  1. Beautiful arrangement Vaishali looks super good and wonderful recipe.. I have a same Idea with payasam..

  2. Really lovely. Wish I was staying in your area, sweets won't be a problem for me at all :))!

  3. Can't agree more about sweets and waistline. I do the same, I distribute it as fast as I can.I love the presentation. Thanks for a good laugh, I couldn't help it as I could see myself in your shoes.

  4. ...such a pretty presentation with the flower petals

  5. hahahh...good that you steal them before somebody else does innovative..

  6. I love sweets too and rasgulla is my favourite. I do agree when we get rasgullas i do open the fridge a bit toooooooooo often :) So we are in the same boat.

    coming to the mousse I love it. And i will make it. will buy extra rasgullas to continue feastins on them as 1 se mera kya hoga? ;)

  7. very innovative! nice presentation as well!

  8. LOL at all your efforts to keep the rosogollas safe until you were ready to put them into the mousse. Using them in a mousse is a very innovative idea.....nice presentation too.

  9. Me too don't keep sweets for the same reason!!!! Love your presentation vaishali!!! Very innovative !!!

  10. Love rasgulla in nay form .This looks too good

  11. wonderful mousse. rasagullas by themselves are so sweet and tasty.

    Hema's Adugemane

  12. i has seen this post.. i guess it was published for a few min.. so when i died to search that just couldn't find it.. wondering what happened.. now i know it was for BM :).. My mom does the same of distributing sweets before me & dad gobble all off.. looks lovely :)

    Ongoing Event : I'm The Star

  13. There aren't many takers for sweets in our house except for hubby. This mousse looks fabulous.Loved the clicks :)

  14. That is an awesome mousse dish! Looks so professional.

  15. superb idea !! really appreciate your patience in makign, assembling and then clickign them too !! professional looking :):)

    Sizzling Tastebuds
    Event : Holi Fest – Colourful Palette
    Event : Bake Fest # 5

  16. Very innovative and wonderful presentation.. the violet flowers add beauty to the dish