Shakkargandi ki Chaat

BM # 15  Day 3

Shakkargandhi, is sweet potato…and this is a chaat which is very famous in North India.Sweet Potatoes are roasted on coal and peeled, chopped and after adding spices drizzled with lemon juice.Its simple to prepare this , once the roasting is done.These can be baked as well as boiled ..One patta / plate of this chaat and you are done!.The masala that these vendors sprinkle varies, but the basic taste does not change.

This is a recipe where you have to decide on the spices, so I will just give you the ingredients .

Sweet potato..roasted / boiled / baked
Red chilly pwd
Chaat masala
Black salt
Yellow chilly pwd(optional)
Salt to taste
Lemon juice

Peel the sweet potato.
Cut into cubes.
Add spices, lemon juice.
Toss .

a Delhi vendor selling corn and sweet potato chaat

This chaat was served in the Awadhi Thaali

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